Sunday, August 27, 2017

Anonymous Million Mask March 2017

Your Invited!! Anonymous Million Mask March 2017
Location: Every Major Capital Across The Globe!

Together We Can Change The World!

**Anonymous is not some group of vandals nor violent thugs, We are not Soros paid agitators like AntiFa , BLM or Welcome to Hell as seen at the G20 meeting. We believe in the peaceful broadcast of our message, we do not believe in violence against anyone for any reason at any time.Million Mask March is intended to be a 100% peaceful demonstration ,Its not one of fighting with police, verbally abusing police , officials,other persons, blocking traffic on highways or roadways, vandalizing public or private property etc.

Protests should be during daylight hours only, no alcohol or drugs, Please leave children at home and or with a guardian. Coordinate with local officials and respect their goals and barriers for public safety.

Any one seen engaging in illegal activities while presenting themselves as Anonymous at any of our engagements should be turned over to the police as they are NOT Anonymous but rather most likely Soros paid agitators to cast us in unfavorable light to the corrupt media. Our message is one of truth and peace, when our actions are in union with our message it give our message power, it rings true to the asleep masses, The idea then grows as with the collective**

We Are Anonymous.
We Are Legion.
We Can Forgive But We Will Never Forget.
Expect Us.

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