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LIVE! BREAKING: #Facebook MSM Now Censoring Whistleblowers #Vault7

So who is the CIA? My guess is Rockefellers/Rothschilds. Mi6/Mi5 Rotrhschilds. All this data including NSA and others goes to UK and Israel to get around any US laws. All of COngrezz-zio is blackmailed and controlled. David R was an OSS agent in WW2. The Rockefellers donated the land for the UN building. Nixo and Watergate? CIA/Wa Post. Why? Nixon wanted to raise tariffs and Rockefellers freaked. Barbara Graham's husband was killed when he kept saying Wa Post was wholly owned/puppets for CIA. CIA/State Dept same entity. Navy Seals? Worshipped by CIA media/TB/Hollywood backed by CIA money. NAvy Seals aka hot squad for CIA. They are not part of teh Navy or DOD. Just like the Fed is not part of the Treasury. CIA endless wars - drug running in Vietnam, Afghanistan, S and Central America plus probably the Balkans wher ethe brave UN/NATO saved the world from Serbia. Cuase the Serbs were not for the drug running pipeline. The entire US Govt including state and local, media, banksm, courtys - everything is totally corrupt.

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