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Globalism = Freemasonry = Judaism

the science deception, all really took off after the church reformer John Calvin declared that all churches and governments were violating our free will, god’s gift to us, and after the Declaration of Independence -a spiritual Declaration that declared all men are equally inferior to god and the laws of nature. I am in the middle of a 3hr documentary that will expose the true history of humanity... the etymology of government and the idea that some people are superior to others. It does trace back to the Jews, who invented nomadic pastoralism. They were parasites from the beginning.

When you wake up to flat Earth truth and realize the world has been completely brainwashed and lied to for hundreds of years about our true cosmology, the next most important question to investigate is WHO is responsible for so expertly deceiving the world? Almost no one else in the flat Earth community has dared tackle this important topic of blame, yet this should be the MOST talked about issue, as incorrectly placing responsibility or ignoring the culprits will only allow their control to continue. No surprise to those of us educated on such matters, the same people ultimately behind the globe lie are the same people who currently control 96% of the world's governments, banking and media. The following video and the following links make the case for who needs to be blamed and exposed:

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