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What is #Vault7 ?

 What Vault 7 is #Vault7 #Wikileaks #NWO #USCoup
Wikileaks, has been tweeting a cryptic phrase, asking about Vault 7 - but if we are to speculate, what does it mean? #Vault7 #Whereisassange #Wikileaks #USCoup
What is #Vault7? ...picture of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. Frequently described as an 'insurance policy'.

Where is #Vault7? ...picture of the Merkers salt mines full of Nazi gold. Gold mine.

When is #Vault7? ...picture of an F119 Jet engine. 11th September.

What do we get? A direct threat to the FBI: "We have a gold mine of evidence relating to 9/11 as an insurance policy that we are willing to release if you do not release Vault 7 of the Hillary findings."

*speculation - I think Wikileaks has sat on this 'insurance policy' by request of the FBI to give them time to organize the case against the Clintons and not have Wikileaks compromise it by leaking the evidence early. While they've held up their end of the bargain, the FBI have failed to release their evidence and so this is a reminder of the consequences

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