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#Wikileaks #Vault7 : Here's All You Need To Know

Well there are a few clues we can work on:
1) the seed vault signifies 'life insurance'
2) the gold etc stored underground is self-explanatory
3) the jet engine is an F119 - 119 alludes to 9/11 (and F=6 could be a reference to WTC6)
4) the who picture shows 2 government contractors/workers plus Assange - there is another government worker/source (Kurt Sonnenfeld) who is currently fighting extradition from S America - he has video of empty vaults beneath WTC6 in the immediate aftermath of 9/11
5) the welder picture is from an article entitled "Keeping structures strong" - another reference to 9/11?
6) the mail drop picture is from Stasi files - it is meta data collection - pointing us to the NSA?

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