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The Economic Crisis Will Start This Year & Last For 5 Years:Clif High

our US debt clock is constantly moving higher! Especially when the government only pays the interest on the debt and has to borrow the money to pay the interest on the debt. Any blithering idiot can see this one fact and realize Clif High is right and that the compound interest on 20 Trillion + debt is unsustainable, which in turn means our country is in for a huge crash!

Currency is created a few different ways. The US Treasury creates bonds lets say 100 billion and can sell them to US Banks, then the Federal Reserve which doesn't really have any $ buys the bonds from the bank and puts electronic digits in the Banks acct. An easy way to think about it is the Goverment buys its own debt creating $ and debt at the same time. It's a form of counterfeiting so the Goverment won't prosecute it's self. The Fed also buys toxic debt from the banks bailing them out and giving them more currency to loan. Another way is when you deposit $1,000 in a checking acct the bank loans out $900 and that gets deposited to another bank and that trickle effect from bank to bank is estimated to create $10,000

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