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ANONYMOUS - Operation Peace: Wake The World

PEACE! END THE DIVISION PEOPLE! The division among us is the creation of propaganda by the elite who are struggling to hold their wealth and power! THE POWER AND WEALTH IS OURS! We the People! Join in peace and unity to TAKE IT BACK, the opportunity has presented itself like never before!

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

it's just like we've all just walking up 2:38 one morning and thought the dream is a 2:42 night where what's going on and we're 2:43 just gonna make the next day is better 2:46 war is a game that's gone too far every 2:49 country has had an evolution for one 2:51 reason the village not one of them has 2:53 the freedom what are you talking about 2:54 so we're saying give peace a chance you 2:57 know that nobody's ever done and it's 2:59 not a matter of not thinking in terms of 3:02 10 years thinking in terms of whatever 3:06 and everybody now I want to meet now we 3:10 can get now if we want it now and the 3:13 left wing talk about giving the power to 3:15 the people you know anybody knows the 3:18 people have the power 3:20 all we have to do is awaken the power 3:22 and the people the people on the world 3:24 it's like they're not educated to 3:26 realize that they have power they put 3:29 the politicians in power they vote for 3:32 the local they're the people do it 3:34 the system is so here's everybody 3:36 believes it's just fix everything 3:40 the father in the government someone to 3:43 fix everything 3:44 it is all government false 3:46 we are the people of the government of 3:51 people have the power but i'm aware 3:54 honor that implies no violence no 3:58 starving children no violent minds no 4:01 violence household no violence no 4:04 frustration no fear 4:07 so we decided to work for world we do it 4:10 by the advertising methods we believe 4:13 that today's society as the timing of 4:15 the things politicians commercial peace 4:23 [Music] 4:35 [Music] 5:10 America today the strongest the most 5:14 influential and most productive nation 5:16 in the world 5:18 understandably proud of this agreement 5:21 we realized that America's leadership 5:25 and prestige depends not merely upon our 5:28 unmatched material progress with his and 5:31 military strength but on how we use our 5:34 power in the interest of world feat and 5:38 human better we have been compelled to 5:41 create a permanent armaments industry of 5:44 vast proportions of this conjunction of 5:48 an immense military establishment in a 5:50 large organ new in the American 5:54 expressions 5:55 until the latest of our world conflicts 5:58 United States had no armaments industry 6:01 American makers of powershares good with 6:07 time and as required make swords as well 6:10 the council's of government we must 6:13 guard against the acquisition of 6:16 unwarranted influence whether sought or 6:18 unsought by the military-industrial 6:20 complex the potential for the disastrous 6:24 rise of misplaced power exists and will 6:28 persist we must never let the weight of 6:31 this combination endanger our liberties 6:33 or democratic processes we should take 6:36 nothing for granted only an alert and 6:40 knowledgeable citizens can compare the 6:43 permission of the huge industrial and 6:46 military machinery of Defense with our 6:48 peaceful methods and goals so let's 6:52 security liberties may prosper together 6:55 [Music] 6:57 slave very of this world on you you want 7:03 trouble my mom was adjusted for free 7:05 between your fingers like many people 7:07 counting on you was drinkin breaking 7:09 their waist you are thinking point it's 7:12 like a sports impressions of your eyes 7:14 online delivery the only because you 7:17 keep their exchange money for them when 7:19 the machines run themselves will be 7:21 complete 7:22 go back to sleep you want it you will 7:24 not be too much longer having somebody 7:32 please explain to me what the hell 7:33 that's all about is that idiot living in 7:36 this

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