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How Marine Le Pen Already Took France - Marine For President 2017 !

The NWO is against her , because she wants independency and freedom for France ,and not being a EU poppet , servant of Globalism and establishment . That's why Mainstream Media , do anything they can to shoot down her and show her to the public like as a right wing extremist , populist and all that crap we being hearing in USA about DT. Long Life Marine. VIVE LA FRANCE!

We have enough of Merkel's, Obamas, Bushes, Clintons, NASA, FED's Central Banks and all these other corrupted institutions and incompetent,
Marine Le Pen has the message and the French people have the vote to make number 3 after Brexit, Trump, and a vote for freedom, liberation from the EU, and democracy. Le pen. LE PEN

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