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The Rise of the Far Right in Europe !!

Very good that the European Union is in danger of breaking apart. Nations should be independent from one another and not forced together under the rule of a greedy communist elite that imports third-world foreigners to destroy Western society.

It is high time that Western nations push back against mass immigration, globalization and other leftist nonsense. I hope the "far right" (meaning, normal people) take over all of Europe!

well Donald Trump election has 0:09 emboldened Europe far-right parties 0:11 ahead of it 0:13 france the netherlands and germany where 0:16 the alternative for dogs and party the 0:18 AFD is putting up his own candidate 0:21 directly against the Chancellor Angela 0:23 Merkel Jenny Hill has been to find out 0:26 what's behind Germany's rising pite of 0:29 right-wing populism Europe's right 0:33 promises a pad for your sixth ring in 0:36 communities like this they're warming to 0:39 the idea it can be hard to make a living 0:42 in Germany's north coast and it feels a 0:46 long way from Berlin they've little 0:49 trust here in Angola Markel after all 0:52 they say she has been full-time for them 0:55 cool completely before the shoes amiga 0:58 they get the car for the big city but 1:00 are these more communities up here 1:02 no no nothing is being done for us 1:04 nothing gets through to us they 1:06 forgotten us good news the Germany's 1:09 right-wing party alternative for 1:11 deutschland poll suggests one in every 1:14 ten vote of support aft in this region 1:18 it's even more popular we're gonna 1:21 spring on oral agreement by all the 1:24 other parties avoid the real problem 1:26 before the medical just stick to have 1:28 you even though she seems what he's got 1:30 the same to you like the terror attacks 1:32 if she hadn't brought those people into 1:34 the country the victims of the Berlin 1:36 Crangle market would still be allowing 1:38 and aft has ambition this form a radio 1:42 presenter is standing directly again and 1:45 lemarchal in her own constituencies he's 1:48 unlikely to take a seat but it's not 1:50 impossible with you have my problematic 1:53 and Islam that we have a big problem 1:54 with radical Islam and we need to talk 1:57 about it at the art it's been taboo in 1:59 germany afd throat thank God he will not 2:03 talk about their you 2:04 that will just look at who's carrying 2:06 out terror attacks in new markets are 2:08 always summers Islamist 2017 may yet be 2:13 the year Europe political landscape 2:15 shift beyond recognition 2:17 there are elections in France and the 2:19 Netherlands to the real election battles 2:22 will be forth in communities like this 2:24 where people feel forgotten by the 2:27 national government left behind by the 2:30 political establishment if Europe's 2:32 leaders really want to stop the rise of 2:35 the right let's meet this challenge we 2:38 connect with those voters and regain 2:41 their trucks a recent display of 2:45 right-wing solidarity from the german 2:47 city of Colin afd shared views and now a 2:51 platform with the french presidential 2:53 candidates having a pen and the 2:55 far-right Dutch politician get builders 2:58 are emboldened by breakfast and Donald 3:02 Trump's victory in the shadow of a 3:04 monument to german unity afd bit for 3:07 inaction glory already designed this 3:10 country 3:11 Jenny hell BBC News carbon

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