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Beyond the Donald Trump Prophecy of 2017 with Peter Kling

 Peter Kling returns to The Russell Scott Show. Peter discusses the continuing prophecy of Donald Trump and into the beyond.

We're seeing the division in this country because the wheat and the tears are being separated. We're in the end times.

history tells us rich men are only interested in keeping riches for themselves. Trump is a billionaire and has hired billionaire goldman sachs bankers and recently passed orders for deregulating the banks.. you go figure in whose interests he is fighting for.

"Trump is running US like a corporation", yes. The US is a corporation just like the other countries of the world. We have big business, little business, good business, bad business and family run. What do you have to sell, can we buy them out, can we help each other or selfish world domination! But we know the world is truly the Lord's above all.

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