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Gerald Celente - Where’s Gold going? Play the Trump Card!

There is blood on the streets and masked men running amok with baseball bats in Berkeley. We are in the beginning of a serious and dangerous revolt.

Once they get rid of cash and all transactions are done by debit or credit cards.. You won't be able to buy anything without your government knowing.. Gold and Silver are,, and always will be the only safe haven's against an eventual collapse of the financial system... Now is the time to buy GOLD OR SILVER while it's still relatively cheap, and can be bought anonymously.. Many countries are already making it extremely difficult for their citizens to buy the metals.. It will only get harder to obtain from here on...

celebrating 30 years of phenomenal trend 0:03 forecasting five times a week Monday 0:07 through Friday here's gerald Celente 0:09 with today's trends in the news 0:11 hi this is gerald Celente it's Thursday 0:15 februari second 2017 here is some 0:19 today's trends in the news well on the 0:23 market front it's dan de amasian to 0:28 Europe to the u.s.a only footsies up a 0:32 little bit and Shanghai still closed for 0:36 that lunar new year but gold went up huh 0:41 let's see what's going on stocks closed 0:45 mostly flat on Thursday as investors 0:47 look ahead to fridays jobs report that's 0:50 right come out with the jobs report 0:52 tomorrow we'll see what happened in 0:54 january and kind of soft because of 1:01 growing tensions between the United 1:03 States and other global powers ready for 1:06 this 1:08 investors also contended with the latest 1:10 news out of the White House President 1:13 Donald Trump one Mexican President on 1:17 Friday that he was ready to send US 1:19 troops to stop quote bed are braised 1:25 down there unless the Mexican military 1:28 does more to control them quote you have 1:32 a bunch of bed are braised down there 1:34 told 10 yet go according to the expert 1:39 given to the Associated Press you are 1:42 doing enough to stop them 1:44 I think the military is scared our 1:47 military isn't so I just might send them 1:52 down there to take care of it 1:54 this guy's out of his life you have a 1:57 bunch of bed are braised down there 2:00 what do you think this is the 2:01 presidential reality show i forgot 2:05 yes it is oh and our military isn't 2:09 afraid know that 2:11 I want to the Terry does a great job Hey 2:13 look what they did in south korea i 2:15 forgot to get knob or what about Iraq 2:18 Libya Yemen Afghanistan what kind of 2:27 moronic talk is this you got there are 2:31 ways down their mind aroused and 2:35 business stay home that so the markets 2:43 are little looked shaky because of 2:46 what's going on hey 2:49 and that's why we sent out trend alert 2:52 trend alert wears gold going play the 2:59 trump card 3:01 that's right we list what has been going 3:06 on since he's been in office just as 3:08 january twentieth and the reactions both 3:15 nationally and globally we've never seen 3:18 anything like this 3:20 this is a freak show what the 3:22 presidential reality show i forgot 3:25 so as we write with gold going play the 3:30 trump card gold went up today you see 3:34 our forecast gold went up according to 3:39 CNBC because the federal reserve gave no 3:43 clear signal on the likelihood of a much 3:45 interest rate increase 3:48 that's only part of it it's the 3:52 uncertainty and gold is the ultimate 3:55 safe-haven asset beach holding anything 4:00 else currencies or other commodities so 4:03 we see the downside risk of gold very 4:06 low and in his volatile Trump 4:08 administration roof where anything could 4:12 go 4:12 anything could change just like they did 4:15 one day we're gonna decide that the 4:18 people from seven nations are going to 4:20 be allowed to come here anymore 4:21 immigrants or even people hit that 4:24 keep changing it you're having trouble 4:27 getting back into like green cause visas 4:31 they could do anything in a day and this 4:35 guy just might be the guy to do it so 4:38 again we do not give financial advice if 4:41 you want that you go to agoura we work 4:44 with we are trained forecasters and we 4:47 see this is a very bottles volatile 4:49 situation and that's why we're staying 4:52 with our forecast for gold currencies 4:55 gyrate on mixed messages Wall Street 4:57 Journal major currencies are posting 5:00 their largest swings in months 5:03 highlighting a growing difficulty for 5:05 investors and traders to discern the 5:09 likely path of truck administration 5:12 policy 5:13 this is from The Wall Street Journal not 5:16 the world socialist organization and 5:20 another economic news 5:22 us crude futures and aloha if the choppy 5:25 trading on Thursday as rising oil 5:28 stockpiles in America's storage 5:31 facilities offset evidence that OPEC and 5:35 other big exporters are cutting 5:36 production how many times they have to 5:39 read the same thing over and over again 5:42 it's the same story they're manipulating 5:45 the news to push up the price 5:47 anytime they can but the facts are going 5:50 in a different direction again I said it 5:52 over and over and over and over and over 5:53 and keep saying it set it on 5:56 international TV over and over the top 6:01 we see for oil is 60 bucks and on other 6:06 economic news India boosts world outlays 6:12 gets harder on cash gets harder on cash 6:19 hey when you top trends 2017 that's 6:24 showing going cashless cashless society 6:26 no more cash put it on their credit 6:30 cards that she sent it to whatever you 6:32 got to do so we the government to watch 6:35 every penny that you're spending 6:36 and you know it with India's clamp down 6:39 on cash still weighing on the economy 6:41 the government release spending plans 6:44 amid aimed at bolstering world 6:47 development and providing relief to 6:48 citizens after its disruptive decision 6:51 to avoid big banknotes late last year 6:55 big bank notes you know what they were 6:57 seven dollars and fifty cents around 7:00 there to 15 but that's a big bank note 7:03 in india and they say they're going to 7:05 announce a 24-percent boost in spending 7:09 on the countryside largely through a 7:15 25-percent funding increase the india's 7:17 massive work programme above and what 7:22 does all this mean it means that you 7:24 have to prepare for the future there are 7:27 wild cards being dealt like we've never 7:29 seen before and one of the ways to do 7:33 that to consider doing it is to join us 7:36 that's right join us at our find your 7:41 future in trends conference in galway 7:45 ireland jun 10 to 16 7:48 yep the website is terrific we're going 7:53 to explore the fast-moving powerful 7:55 trends shaping 2017 what they're going 7:59 to mean to the quality of life your 8:01 bottom line and your creative spirit and 8:05 this hotel foot it said high above the 8:08 just the coastline along galway bay and 8:12 during a conference you're going to have 8:13 plenty of time to explore the natural 8:15 beauty vibrant history and mystic of 8:18 Ireland and what better place to see 8:21 history before it happens then this 8:23 magical setting again the the conference 8:26 site is terrific it's trends floral 8:29 trends conferences dot-com and you could 8:32 learn more about this unique exciting 8:34 conference 8:35 sign up now space is limited and the 8:39 link is on the front of the page it's on 8:40 the bannings sure you go to our website 8:42 there trends conferences dot-com so 8:48 moving on to some international 8:50 news White House a wanton notice us 8:55 won't rule out attack is bad night yeah 9:01 they sent out that missile which is not 9:04 against by the way the p5 plus nuclear 9:08 deal they didn't break anything but 9:12 these new scare tactics coming out of 9:18 the White House because now after they 9:20 said that they put them on notice here's 9:22 the quote national security adviser 9:25 michael Flynn announced that the Trump 9:26 administration is putting around notice 9:28 over the test saying that already 9:30 finished the test threatens stability 9:31 across the region and places Americans 9:35 lives at risk 9:37 how's that for 9:40 oh yeah american lives are at risk 9:46 watch out over there in joplin missouri 9:48 and texas walk at of who you'd better 9:52 watch out over there in secaucus what 9:54 kind of crap is this 9:56 I'll tell you what kind of crap it is 9:58 its military crap that AP shove it down 10:02 our throat how many more losses of lives 10:06 how many more slaughters happens thought 10:08 and end with destruction before people 10:13 say enough and coming from losers 10:17 military losers their track record 10:20 speaks for itself 10:23 go up and down the list again we could 10:26 start with Korean War go to Vietnam the 10:32 event Afghanistan lately the longest war 10:35 in American history lightest into the 10:37 iraq war let the Assyrian Yemen and now 10:41 you got this guy showing off his mouth 10:44 we're going to put her on notice and 10:46 then they came out with after this 10:48 talking about more sanctions isn't that 10:51 great huh hey keep it up truck 10:58 front page story here is eternally paper 11:02 a record the propaganda sheet of what 11:06 they put out sheet 11:09 yeah just take those to ease out of it 11:11 and put an agent a lie in their chain of 11:15 mishaps in Yemen attack on k2 branch 11:20 how's that for a good propaganda line 11:22 civilians likely killed not likely 11:26 killed Lloyd they destroy this whole 11:29 area shadows commandos went in there 11:33 yeah raising questions / planning and 11:38 Trump's approval of raid you know is 11:43 subscribers to the chinese journal and 11:46 listening to trends in the news each 11:48 weekday night how we've been pointing 11:50 out that the New York slime the terribly 11:55 paper has been site virtually silent on 12:00 the ongoing murders going on in Yemen 12:03 supported by obama and selling the 12:08 Saudis all those weapons more than any 12:10 other president has to do this 12:12 destruction but now the truck is in 12:15 there and just to make this clear 12:21 President Barack Obama's national 12:24 security review the plan for risky 12:27 attack on small heavily guarded brick 12:29 home is above the village but mr. Obama 12:33 did not act because the Pentagon wanted 12:36 to launch the attack on a moonless night 12:39 and the next one would come after his 12:43 term had ended so he was part of this 12:45 and it goes on to say he sent a Navy 12:54 SEAL Team six hoping the raid early last 12:58 sunday would scoop up cell phones and 13:01 laptop computers that could yield 13:03 valuable clues about one of the world's 13:06 most dangerous terrorist groups 13:09 what kind of crime 13:11 app is that how many times have I heard 13:14 that bullshit story but truck got the 13:19 same bullshit line as the rest of the 13:22 presidents before him supporting these 13:24 military actions mr. Trump on Sunday 13:28 held his first counterterrorism 13:30 operation as a success claiming the 13:34 command those captured quote important 13:37 intelligence that will assist the United 13:39 States in preventing terrorism against 13:42 its citizens and people around the world 13:45 you know what that is alcohol now that 13:51 everyone else shit that Trump shit it's 13:57 the same shit that they keep pumping out 14:00 nothing has changed but it's gotten a 14:03 lot worse and here's why 14:08 Scott worse because we have somebody 14:11 there that's really power-hungry listen 14:15 to his words i read him earlier and he 14:19 said to the president of mexico you 14:24 aren't doing enough to stop them 14:26 I think your military is scared our 14:28 military isn't so I just might send them 14:34 down to take care of it 14:37 I hey how about us 14:41 send them hey send your cushion send 14:47 your son's said yourself if we don't 14:56 occupy peace now 14:58 this thing could spin out of control 15:00 really really fast so please do what you 15:04 can to keep our occupy piece dot us 15:08 movement moving forward because if it 15:12 doesn't you can see where this is going 15:15 it doesn't look like it's going to be a 15:17 happy ending this is gerald Celente and 15:20 that's some of today's trends and 15:22 news

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