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This is How The NWO hit man George Soros Operates

George Soros Coup Plot Against Trump - PART 1 - Shadow Government & Deep State
New World Order hit man, George Soros, is rapidly pushing forward a plot to ignite an American Spring revolt to topple the presidency of Donald Trump. This 4 part series discussed the elements of this plot in detail.

here in the United States we talked a 0:01 lot about George Soros and we wish we 0:04 could do something to stop this maniac 0:07 well I'd like to introduce you briefly 0:09 to a group of citizens who are taking 0:11 source on head-to-head only these 0:14 citizens are not americans their 0:16 Macedonians I think you'll find her 0:18 story very inspiring along the way i'm 0:21 going to explain in detail to you how 0:23 the Soro scheme works i'm going to name 0:25 names i'll tell you about the US 0:29 agencies and the programs that are being 0:31 used to work alongside of sauros and i'm 0:34 hoping to give you what may be the most 0:36 thorough explanation of the globalist 0:38 plan as you've ever heard so that you 0:41 can finally go out there and really get 0:45 it really know that you have connected 0:46 these dots on your mind help you finally 0:49 say AHA and explain it to others 0:53 now I understand what all this craziness 0:55 is that's been going on in the united 0:57 states over this past year 0:59 finally we're going to put it together 1:01 so stay tuned to this special edition of 1:04 the end times news report 1:16 [Music] 1:21 alright guys get out a bucket of popcorn 1:28 sit down lean back and enjoy because 1:31 this is going to be a long episode but i 1:34 think that if you'll stick with me 1:35 through the video you're going to learn 1:36 a whole lot you're going to see for 1:39 yourself just how george soros operate 1:42 you're gonna come to understand how the 1:44 globalist operate you'll find out why 1:48 there's such a huge refugee crisis in 1:50 the world right now why the Western 1:53 governments are exploiting this crisis 1:55 to push all of these insane open borders 1:58 policies that have led to massive Muslim 2:01 immigration into Europe and now in the 2:04 United States I mean explain all of this 2:07 to you using as the backdrop the story 2:11 of macedonia Macedonia is a small 2:15 landlocked state in the Balkan Peninsula 2:18 down in the south east part of Europe it 2:22 sits low Kosovo which is to its 2:24 Northwest Serbia is to the north you've 2:27 got bulk area to the east Greece is down 2:30 below on the south and then Albania is 2:33 over on the western side very pretty 2:36 country lots of mountains and valleys 2:38 and rivers the majority of the residents 2:42 in Macedonia are ethnically slovak South 2:46 Slavic Macedonians but they've also got 2:50 a lot of albanians is roughly 2:51 twenty-five percent of the people are 2:53 Albanian ethnically but you've also got 2:56 turks and Romani's and serves some 3:00 others country used to be part of 3:02 Yugoslavia but it declared the it 3:05 declared its independence back in 1991 3:08 because the larger region which has 3:13 historically been known as macedonia 3:15 includes part of northern Greece the 3:18 Greek government opposed the use of the 3:21 name macedonia when the the new nation 3:24 petition to join the United Nations so 3:27 macedonia had to accept this provisional 3:30 name in order to join the name of it is 3:34 former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia 3:36 which sometimes you'll see abbreviated 3:39 as fire amor fyrom Macedonia is one of 3:44 the poorest countries in europe so 3:47 naturally you might wonder what the 3:49 billionaire fund manager and global 3:52 superstar like george soros would want 3:54 from Macedonia let's get into that the 3:57 truth is operating through his open 4:00 society foundation the OSF Soros is 4:04 heavily invested in Macedonia i'm really 4:08 going to open your eyes with this 4:09 because you're going to see on a small 4:11 scale what he's doing on a global scale 4:14 but before I explain that 4:17 let me remind you of how thesaurus plan 4:19 works how these globalist operate 4:22 sorrows has been pouring vast amounts of 4:25 money and resources into various efforts 4:28 all around Europe to weaken their 4:30 borders so that the New World Order 4:33 engineered Muslim refugee crisis will 4:36 swamp the European nations with a 4:38 massive influx of refugees the global is 4:42 like soros are destabilizing week Muslim 4:47 nations with thugs music bugs like Isis 4:51 using al-qaeda using all nutria these 4:55 mercenary forces to put the local 4:58 populations in these little third world 5:00 countries in the motion diverting them 5:04 like changing the flow of a river 5:06 diverting them into Europe rather than 5:10 trying to keep them there in their own 5:12 region 5:13 why are they trying to do this why do 5:15 they want these Muslims to go into 5:17 Europe 5:19 well the answer is because 5:19 multiculturalism does not work you can't 5:23 take a third world Islamic culture that 5:27 believes in Sharia law and set it next 5:29 to a first or second world culture which 5:33 is secularized European some culture 5:36 that believes in democracy you can take 5:38 these two cultures put them side-by-side 5:40 and expect that they're going to coexist 5:43 it's like pouring oil into a glass of 5:45 water 5:46 they just don't mix no matter how much 5:48 you shake up the glass they're gonna 5:50 separate again historically if you look 5:53 at Islam since they first came into 5:55 existence all the way back in 600 AD 5:58 there has been one historical fact that 6:01 nobody came to dino historian no matter 6:03 how liberal you are can deny this 6:05 wherever an Islamic culture has existed 6:10 there has been a mate there has been an 6:12 effort by that Islamic culture to 6:14 dominate the surrounding cultures it's 6:18 just part of their their face their 6:20 religion 6:21 it was the ever-expanding Muslim empire 6:24 into Europe that's part of the original 6:27 Christian Crusades to prompted them to 6:30 fight back try and retake lands that had 6:32 fallen under Muslim control while they 6:34 were all sitting around singing Kumbayah 6:36 trying to get along 6:37 not realizing that the other side was in 6:40 it to conquer not to come assimilate in 6:43 the globalist know this fact 6:46 so the refugees have been weaponized by 6:49 the new world order for this the primary 6:52 purpose of these stabilizing Western 6:55 democracies we're going to come back to 6:58 that 6:59 so how did this whole refugee crisis get 7:02 started with the globalist do 7:04 how did they get everything in motion to 7:06 begin with okay for those of you who are 7:09 new to this topic it is vitally 7:11 important that you understand a few key 7:14 facts part of our government in the 7:18 United States and this is the case we go 7:19 through the different nations of Europe 7:22 the same there too but here in the 7:25 United States part of our government is 7:27 no longer under the control of either 7:29 the people or our elected 7:32 representatives our foreign policy for 7:35 example foreign policy is how we 7:38 interact with foreign nations our 7:41 foreign policy is completely under the 7:43 control of this new world order new 7:47 world order is a basketball of anti 7:49 nationalist a bunch of people who are 7:53 working together to bring about the 7:55 ultimate goal of a single all-powerful 7:58 one world government 8:00 it's not some new conspiracy theory 8:03 they've been at this for a long time now 8:06 over a hundred fifty years the john 8:09 birch society back in the nineteen 8:11 fifties was screaming about this plot 8:13 from the rooftops but nobody wanted to 8:16 listen to them but the Birchers 8:19 predicted every one of the conditions 8:21 and threats that exist today that people 8:24 are just now starting to finally wake up 8:27 too much of this agenda is carried out 8:30 by the US State Department Department of 8:34 State which is fully under the control 8:36 of these new world order global if the 8:41 State Department is full of hundreds and 8:44 hundreds of these full-time government 8:46 employees these people remain in their 8:48 jobs there in the State Department 8:50 regardless of which political party is 8:52 in power that's irrelevant a large 8:55 percentage of these employees are 8:57 members of a group called the Council on 9:01 Foreign Relations the non-governmental 9:03 groups CFR the CFR was created by 9:07 globalist it continues to be controlled 9:10 and directed by global and I'm talking 9:12 about people like David Rockefeller 9:15 Henry Kissinger the same kind of people 9:17 that you're going to find running the 9:20 show with the Bilderberg meetings and so 9:23 forth these globalist tell the CFR what 9:26 foreign policies to develop what what 9:28 ideas to put together as foreign policy 9:31 and then they pass that on to the state 9:35 department so that the hierarchy can 9:38 push forward their goals of geopolitical 9:41 conquest using the United States to 9:43 accomplish these goals so the leader of 9:46 the State Department is the Secretary of 9:49 State Secretary of State is controlled 9:53 by this massive an entrenched CFR global 9:56 global society its entrenched you can't 10:00 get rid of it 10:01 first of all almost all of our 10:03 secretaries of state have already been 10:05 members of the CFR before they got the 10:07 job and the few who have not been 10:10 members being acknowledged that the CFR 10:13 is in charge 10:14 which of the State Department you can 10:16 even put someone like ron paul in charge 10:19 of the State Department man who is 10:20 completely opposed to the CFR's goals 10:23 and you would end up with basically the 10:25 same results because the machinery of 10:28 the State Department has been built over 10:31 generations and it is controlled by the 10:33 globalist you can't get what you would 10:35 have to purge the entire state 10:38 department to get rid of them and 10:39 destroy the CFR declared as some kind of 10:43 enemy organization so they can't retake 10:46 it 10:47 even our new Secretary of State Rex 10:50 Tillerson he's got long-standing ties 10:52 with the CFR to go back to 2013 he gave 10:55 a speech at the Council on Foreign 10:57 Relations where he outlined his strong 10:59 support for one of the globalist big 11:02 plans the trans-pacific partnership the 11:05 TPP free trade deals that Donald Trump 11:08 says that he's very much opposed to so 11:11 it's kind of weird that he would pick 11:13 peterson who was a big-time TP proponent 11:16 when Trump is against it 11:19 well I don't know so this state 11:21 bureaucracy this entrenched group in 11:24 Washington DC we also call it the shadow 11:27 government ok thats its nickname it is 11:30 from this shadow government that the the 11:35 network bit to get all of the 11:39 presidential administrations to fill 11:43 their their jobs with fellow CFR workers 11:47 with fellow global if they take from the 11:50 CFR come the majority of the members of 11:52 the cabinet the majority of the advisors 11:55 most of their workers Reagan's 11:58 administration was brim with them so was 12:01 Bush's was clinton's George w's was 12:05 packed with them that all the neo-cons 12:07 are CFR members Obama's was full of them 12:11 and even Donald Trump's administration 12:13 is full of these people because think 12:16 about Donald Trump does not go and 12:18 individually higher old the hundreds and 12:21 hundreds of people that are needed to 12:24 run the functions of government you 12:25 delegate that 12:27 to your subordinates when the 12:30 subordinates are all loyal to the CFR 12:32 who do you think they're going to hire 12:33 they're going to hire fellow CFR members 12:35 that's just how it works and that's why 12:37 a single president unless they try and 12:41 banned the CFR in some way there's 12:44 nothing they can do about it 12:45 these people tell the president what to 12:48 do not the other way around 12:50 and if you end up with a strong and 12:51 independent president someone who 12:53 refuses to go along with the CFR's 12:55 agenda then they'll simply move forward 12:58 with the agenda without that president 13:00 because once the agenda has been set the 13:03 ones who carry out the agenda of the 13:05 elements of another part of this 13:07 conspiracy 13:08 it's called the deep state that would be 13:11 our intelligence agencies like the CIA 13:14 the NSA the FBI military intelligence 13:18 combined with the military-industrial 13:22 complex which includes at the US 13:25 military the mega-corporations like 13:28 Boeing and Raytheon and general dynamic 13:30 these corporations that make most of 13:32 their money from the business of war 13:33 Halliburton and finally the wall street 13:36 bankers are part of this deep state most 13:39 of whom are a Jewish Zionist once the 13:43 agenda has been handed down to the 13:47 shadow government by the New World Order 13:50 hierarchy the deep state then goes out 13:54 and makes it happen they operate largely 13:57 without the prior consent or even the 13:58 knowledge of the u.s. president they 14:01 completely ignore Congress they've 14:03 nailed a bother trying to talk a 14:05 congress and with no oversight thank you 14:09 get us into all kinds of trouble for 14:11 example president john f kennedy was 14:14 blindsided by the CIA orchestrated they 14:17 have pigs operation that was meant to 14:19 overthrow the government of Cuba when 14:21 JFK learned about it he tried to stick 14:24 his hand into it model things up and it 14:26 turned into a huge black eye complete 14:28 abysmal failure of an operation and 14:32 among other things that led to the 14:33 subsequent cuban missile crisis where 14:35 the Soviet Union went put nuclear-armed 14:38 missiles into Cuba less than a hundred 14:40 miles 14:40 off the coast of my hometown of Miami 14:43 Florida JFK was so in fenced that the 14:47 shadow government and deep state system 14:50 was carrying a major operations without 14:53 the knowledge or consent of the 14:55 President or Congress of the people that 14:57 he began trying to dismantle it and we 14:59 help we know what they did to JFK as a 15:01 result that JFK's predecessor President 15:07 Eisenhower usually General Dwight 15:09 Eisenhower he had worn the nation in his 15:12 farewell address about the rise of the 15:14 power of a military-industrial complex 15:17 he warned about how it was a threat to 15:19 our way of life as a free people and how 15:21 important was that we keep it in check 15:24 he also warns yet JFK about it directly 15:27 and and so jfa thought he could fix the 15:30 problem but he couldn't so yes Donald 15:33 Trump is an independent man yes he is 15:36 doing things that no other president has 15:38 their to do is very strong will just 15:40 like JFK but as hard-headed as Donald 15:44 Trump is his head is not thick enough to 15:48 stop a bullet from the grassy knoll I 15:51 mean the Book Depository right that's 15:55 where all the shots came from

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