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NIST whistleblower Peter Ketcham speaks out on 9/11!!

"Truth is where our healing lies." NIST Employee Speaks Out on WTC-7 Cover-up A former employee of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has stepped forward and criticized the government agency for ignoring the scientific errors found in its report on the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC 7) during the September 11, 2001, attacks. "Awareness is growing of the disconnect between the NIST WTC reports and logical reasoning. The level of interest in '15 years later' is a good example. Due to the nature of communication in today's world, that awareness may increase approximately exponentially. Why not NIST blow the whistle on itself now while there is still time? - Truth is where our healing lies." - Peter Michael Ketcham, former NIST employee

the next speaker been introduced briefly 0:02 his name is Peter catch him he is a 0:05 former employee of NIST the National 0:07 Institute of Standards and Technology 0:08 and i'll just give you very brief 0:10 background in august of this year I 0:14 along with a few other authors to 0:16 engineers and physicists many of them 0:18 you may know Stephen Jones Robert coral 0:21 and Tony's am bode published an article 0:24 in the magazine of the european physical 0:27 society it's called europhysics news 0:29 just came out in August he was called 15 0:32 years later on the physics of high-rise 0:35 building collapses and this article 0:38 ended up being viewed now more than 0:40 350,000 times gained a lot of traction 0:44 and a lot of controversy was generated 0:47 from it as a result of that controversy 0:50 the editors of your physics news posted 0:53 a statement kind of explaining their 0:56 position and inviting any any letters to 1:00 the editor and so a month or two later 1:03 when the next issue of the magazine was 1:06 published in the magazine was a letter 1:09 from Peter catch him 1:11 this former employee of NIST and in this 1:14 in this letter as he explains he did not 1:17 work on the world trade center 1:18 investigation and recently this year he 1:22 started looking into it and and very 1:24 quickly came to the conclusion that this 1:28 investigation 1:29 I'm just going to put it softly for now 1:31 and i'll let him fill in the blank but 1:33 was not done properly and flew in the 1:35 face of everything that that he knew his 1:38 experience of working at NIST and so I'm 1:42 going to hand it over to him and I just 1:43 want to say that we're very grateful 1:45 that he has has chosen to speak out and 1:49 and we do this as one step forward and 1:52 we hope that I'm Compton that he's going 1:55 to be a very powerful voice for you know 1:58 this this pursuit of truth and and so 2:01 here we go 2:01 computer thank you very much first I 2:06 would like to thank architects and 2:10 engineers for 911 truth for the 2:11 our generosity in bringing here today 2:14 and I would especially like to mention 2:19 and thank Ted Walter for his 2:22 intelligence competence ability talent 2:26 and commitment and Ted and I have 2:29 communicated a fair amount recently and 2:33 I could not ask for a better person to 2:36 work with 2:36 second I want to say that my thoughts 2:40 today are my thoughts and I accept full 2:43 responsibility for them as Ted mention i 2:50 was a member of the NIST technical staff 2:53 during the period 1997 to 2011 I 2:57 initially joined the high performance 2:59 systems and services division and later 3:02 became a member of what was at the time 3:04 the mathematical and computational 3:06 sciences division of the information 3:09 technology laboratory my fellow missed 3:13 employees were among the finest and most 3:16 intelligent people with whom I've ever 3:18 worked i did not contribute to the next 3:23 World Trade Center investigation or 3:25 reports but I do recognize the names of 3:29 many who did contribute and I had some 3:31 degree of contact or involvement even if 3:34 only minimal with a few of those 3:36 contributors a few months ago based on a 3:41 conversation with a friend who has no 3:43 connection to nist I began to read some 3:47 of those missed World Trade Center 3:48 reports including this 3:50 ncstar one and ncstar 1a as i watched 3:56 several documentaries contradicting the 3:59 nest reports and presenting very lucid 4:02 arguments for controlled demolition I 4:05 quickly became serious 4:08 first I was furious with myself how 4:11 could I have worked at missed all those 4:13 years and not have noticed this before 4:16 second I was furious with me 4:19 the NIST I knew was intellectually open 4:23 non defensive willing to consider 4:27 competing explanations and enthusiastic 4:31 about presenting the details of its 4:33 research to any interested party 4:36 the more I investigated the more 4:40 apparent it became that NIST had reached 4:42 a predetermined conclusion that refused 4:46 avoided and dismiss the evidence among 4:49 the most egregious examples is the 4:52 explanation for the class of World Trade 4:54 Center 7 as a Rube Goldberg sequence of 4:58 unlikely events culminating in the 5:01 almost symmetrical collapse of a 5:03 steel-framed building into its own 5:05 footprint at freefall acceleration I 5:09 believe that NIST is one of the crown 5:12 jewels of the US federal government and 5:15 an organization of staggering brilliance 5:17 but with respect to the World Trade 5:21 Center investigation i think that 5:23 something might very wrong I don't know 5:26 what but something I could list all the 5:31 reasons why the mist World Trade Center 5:34 reports don't add up but others have 5:37 already done so in extensive detail and 5:40 there is little that i could add what I 5:43 can do however is expressed some 5:45 thoughts based on common sense intuition 5:48 and experience drawn for my years at 5:51 missed their five points I'd like to 5:56 mention first in my opinion mr. is not 6:01 fooling us anymore 6:03 this has painted itself into a corner 6:06 while the walls of evidence and reason 6:09 close in one need only read the 6:13 europhysics news article and miss 6:16 response to see that my understanding is 6:20 that police detective use the term 6:23 guilty demeanor to describe the dodging 6:26 and weaving of guilty parties to 6:29 desperately claims innocence 6:30 one does not need any technical 6:34 background to see the display of guilty 6:37 demeanor in the various miss 6:40 presentations regarding the World Trade 6:42 Center investigation and report this is 6:47 especially true of the investigation 6:49 leaders who repeatedly Eve aid to Smith 6:53 and obfuscate their way through 6:56 incomplete and nonsensical explanations 6:59 it is not my intention to attack these 7:03 individuals in making my point as they 7:07 may in fact have been under duress but 7:11 if the mist World Trade Center 7:13 investigation and reports prove false 7:15 then they are culpable nonetheless 7:17 second national security concerns are 7:24 their own worst enemy the excuse has 7:28 worn thin that evidence or information 7:30 must be withheld due to national 7:33 security concerns the irony is that the 7:38 secretive cloak of national security has 7:41 itself become a serious threat to our 7:45 pursuit of happiness with the corruption 7:48 and dishonesty that it breathe if mr. 7:52 truly believe in the veracity of its 7:54 investigation then it should openly 7:57 share all evidence data models 8:00 computations and other relevant 8:03 information unless very specific and 8:07 compelling reasons are otherwise 8:09 provided national security concerns and 8:15 public safety concerns do not stand in 8:18 isolation they participate in a balanced 8:22 with accountability 8:27 third gingerly approaching the water and 8:31 dipping in a toe does not constitute a 8:34 swim in the ocean in its report this 8:38 makes a great show of copious details 8:40 leading to collapse initiation and then 8:45 stopped short just when it becomes 8:47 interesting the remainder of the 8:50 explanation is a perfunctory statement 8:52 that building collapse is inevitable and 8:55 obvious it is easy to see through this 8:59 tactic as an evasion of prickly 9:02 arguments and an avoidance of 9:05 inconvenient evidence forth in response 9:10 to any challenges mr. typically provides 9:13 Kurt explanations from its public 9:15 affairs office i was at NIST for 14 9:18 years and I saw how this game was played 9:22 the strategy is to stand as an 9:25 impervious monolith while also tightly 9:29 controlling communications there were 9:33 many contributors to the next World 9:34 Trade Center investigation so why not 9:37 let them openly answer questions in 9:41 their own voice with the depth of 9:43 knowledge and level of detail that 9:46 follows from the nuts and bolts of their 9:48 research if the NIST investigation and 9:52 reports are sincere and genuine then 9:56 there is nothing to fear and nothing to 9:58 hide 9:59 fifth honesty sooner is better than 10:05 regret later 10:06 awareness is growing of the disconnect 10:09 between the mist World Trade Center 10:12 reports and logical reasoning the recent 10:16 europhysics news article is a good 10:18 example due to the nature of 10:21 communication in our current world that 10:24 awareness may increase may increase 10:26 approximately exponentially 10:28 why not missed below the whistle on 10:31 itself now while there is still time 10:37 the wounds of 911 have remained unhealed 10:41 for too long 10:43 those wounds are now festering rotting 10:46 and infected when the physical body is 10:50 wounded 10:51 the first step is to wash out those 10:54 wounds with hot soapy water 10:56 the process is painful but the pain does 11:00 not last and the worst of it occurs at 11:03 the start 11:04 truth is the hot and soapy water with 11:09 which we wash out the ruins of 911 with 11:16 respect to the World Trade Center 11:18 investigation into the official 11:21 narrative of 911 has begun to unravel 11:24 and that unraveling may accelerate one 11:30 need only look at recent events such as 11:33 the appearance of the europhysics news 11:35 article to see that unraveling in action 11:38 as a result there may be a sequence of 11:43 painful revelations we may find that the 11:49 united states federal government may not 11:52 be quite the benevolent protector that 11:54 we thought it was but the wounds of the 11:58 911 are unlikely to heal amid lies 12:02 deception and misinformation that is why 12:07 truth is so important 12:08 finally I would like to respectfully say 12:17 and suggest to you that your feelings 12:22 are not the truth 12:23 your feelings are important and 12:27 beautiful but your feelings only tell 12:30 you how you feel 12:31 not what is true and as I talked to a 12:37 variety of people about 911 and the 12:40 official narrative I see in some cases a 12:47 great deal of difficulty 12:49 to consider or even accept some of the 12:55 darker possibilities behind what has 12:57 happened and feelings are often a large 13:01 part of that so I'm simply saying to 13:06 consider that although your feelings are 13:09 important and wonderful and should be 13:12 respected that your feelings are not the 13:15 truth and finally I would like to simply 13:21 summarize by saying the truth is where 13:24 our healing lies 13:25 thank you

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