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Can Trump Stop The Global Economic Collapse ?

Can the Global Economic Collapse be Stopped?

Federal reserve is a private company, they print money, charge interest, are able to trade any stock / bond / commodity, completely control the markets and our economy. A bunch of greedy, satan worshiper, evil people.

hello fellow Americans oysters and 0:02 connects from jacksonville florida and 0:05 came across a fantastic article which 0:08 just a tremendous amount of of links and 0:10 resources within it 0:12 this is highly encourage you to check 0:15 out there will be a link to it as the 0:16 note section of this video 0:18 that's the question can the global 0:20 economic class did some not all know is 0:23 coming can be mitigated or have 0:25 somebody's altogether by any chance and 0:28 the article starts out in we're pretty 0:32 clever way you know talked about how 0:33 Donald Trump's first dance at the 0:37 inauguration ball he haven't looked at 0:39 anybody know what the song is the 0:41 article ask then just so happened to be 0:43 my way awfully foodie you know 0:46 considering this guy just essentially 0:49 declared war on the financial and global 0:52 political elites and we're very first 0:56 things in the article is a link to 0:58 another post it gets the details of the 1:00 backstory just collapsed it that people 1:02 really should be more aware of it and if 1:05 we had an honest media they probably 1:06 would be talking about how the trouble 1:09 is chosen 1:10 make no mistake to believe the nation at 1:12 this particular time as we're going to 1:14 the issues that we're going issue you 1:16 know where we're gonna have to deal with 1:18 this message was created by the 1:20 international banking crime syndicate up 1:24 and you asked the question is the 1:27 startup even know yet you know who he 1:30 really works for it when you dancing 1:31 with why do with he commissioned many 1:34 handlers that were in the room is so you 1:37 know that this never address never talks 1:39 about it but they also whether she knows 1:41 more importantly go whether his 1:44 supporters no is it a c6 everything 1:47 myself more don't support we don't get 1:49 me wrong but I realize they can't do 1:51 anything about this or can't stop i 1:53 should say that he'll getting answers to 1:56 the bank masters at the University 1:58 people control the central banks 1:59 including our very own space nobody get 2:01 away with that nobody around that you 2:04 know much money is that I have enough 2:07 trouble country so the article goes on 2:09 to talk about it you know what's coming 2:11 for people like it or not 2:13 understand it or not you understanding 2:15 is not a prerequisite to it happening 2:16 but people understand it or not 2:18 article says it it's gonna play out in 2:20 living color during primetime everywhere 2:23 on the planet and of course I'm 2:24 referring to the global reset is it it's 2:27 so huge star players in got to be ready 2:30 to perform their roles in trouble is 2:31 definitely one of those star players 2:33 comparing the parties whole life it and 2:36 yes basically because management its 2:37 bankruptcy expert no negative 2:41 connotation there now the this specialty 2:44 and those personal and business 2:45 bankruptcies and incredibly hateful what 2:47 us that face the arms our status as the 2:50 world was our current currency i also 2:53 included within the the post of number 2:56 placed earlier financial articles that 2:59 I've done more interviews that I've 3:01 included incidentally i'm gonna have the 3:03 opportunity to interview one of the 3:05 world's leading forensic economist this 3:07 week that the holster on foot 3:10 you don't know says it is obvious to 3:12 anybody that has done any type of 3:14 homework into the house of global 3:17 economic and financial system works in 3:18 the USA is ready for absolute disaster 3:21 there's a reason why do things aren't 3:23 taught in schools though I at least 3:25 monthly to the graduate level at this 3:27 point its global economics but the 3:31 reality is it as guys like the holster 3:33 dr. jim willie finish it memorized Jane 3:36 Breaking you're all leaders in globally 3:38 in there in the financial world and they 3:41 don't make the case in many of the wing 3:42 cell include it's essential bankers they 3:44 made off with everybody's much and they 3:46 done so by putting everybody not just 3:48 Americans you know it's called a global 3:51 reset for reason in massive amounts of 3:54 debt as personal people company's 3:57 corporate debt city entire countries and 4:00 whether its mortgage debt credit card 4:02 debt school loan debt personal debt 4:04 movie they did so largely by dropping 4:08 interest rates and not appeared in the 4:09 u.s. down almost zero which ultimately 4:13 now leading to the negative interest 4:15 rates will have to pay to keep their 4:17 money in banks overseas in Europe your 4:20 bottle is so cool attended the guys can 4:22 handle anything except golf of the savvy 4:24 store most Americans because our media 4:26 this on it and yeah Donald Trump himself 4:30 said in 2014 I will include a link in 4:33 the post this video is contained in the 4:35 notes section Americans better prepared 4:37 to be wiped out because the depth and 4:42 the breadth of the institutional defects 4:44 and systemic corruption and failures 4:47 that existed in the global economics is 4:49 not just here in the US 4:51 ah is that bag and the article says you 4:54 know anybody was better than the biggest 4:55 balls 4:56 yeah it's going to tend to be Boss and 4:59 nobody in their right mind would one of 5:01 the year the attendant controlled 5:04 demolition of the global economy other 5:06 than trunk you know because who other 5:08 than in new york city builders got the 5:10 experience of controlled demolitions not 5:13 only from us a financial aspect but from 5:15 actual construction get some of the 5:18 things that go with it 5:19 the new world is globally for more than 5:23 happy to let clicking / see what would 5:24 have been a second Great Depression you 5:26 know because there's no question that is 5:29 the results are going to be catastrophic 5:31 when this thing gets then it's not it's 5:33 not gonna be five to ten years out where 5:35 this is going to happen soon very soon 5:38 we know how do we know it's going to be 5:39 catastrophic 5:40 because we're doing with you did the 5:43 u.s. government facing sectors political 5:45 leaks the mainstream media all the way 5:47 down to the foundation of the sea state 5:49 that it more or less runs the government 5:51 instructors is gonna have to battle all 5:53 them these national wing against all 5:56 that should be little victories along 5:57 the way but that's why is this important 6:00 reason he wanted to he's got the biggest 6:01 cojones you know he's going to try a 6:04 controlled demolition of say those too 6:06 big to fail banks to investment banking 6:08 history the whole thing guys you know to 6:11 understand why you can be sure that 6:14 there's going to be a class now let me 6:16 throw this out there if you've never 6:18 heard of fractional reserve banking or 6:20 if you heard it don't know what it is to 6:21 school it and is this really paragraph 6:24 or two on wikipedia and understand it in 6:27 between that in Tennessee and economics 6:29 or so with fractional reserve banking 6:31 use every single dollar from every 6:34 single country around the planet and put 6:36 together it wouldn't even be close to 6:37 pay off the amount of that the world 6:39 and should read about fractional reserve 6:43 banking understand why that is that 6:44 sounds pretty backwards doesn't it every 6:46 single penny of wealth can come close to 6:48 paying off the debt of the world so no 6:51 it don't matter if there's going to be a 6:54 class and our media so dishonest and 6:57 again there's a tremendous amount of 6:58 resources in this post uh that that 7:01 really don't you why people need to cut 7:04 some slack baby in the left the media 7:06 etc you know the halters hot again i 7:09 will be interviewing him this week how 7:10 do you actually expect to a thirty to 7:13 fifty percent decline in our standard of 7:15 living to help you 7:17 the world and us is us we're going to 7:20 feel it the most 7:21 we have higher standards and people 7:23 aren't used to roughing it in four 7:26 Americans going to go back to t-man time 7:28 he says it be system this fractional 7:32 reserve banking Tennessee and economics 7:33 is so flawed the article pauses the Dean 7:36 of human existence your shift editor 7:40 pacific capital and I said that the 7:42 dollar collapse will be single largest 7:44 events in all of human history if you 7:46 understand what losing the reserve 7:48 currency means you know why that's true 7:51 ron paul is the Trump doing everything 7:56 you can to stop the global class but 7:57 nobody can stop it you can slow it down 8:00 and make it a little more bearable but 8:02 in the end more bearable and why use an 8:07 analogy I use all the time because I 8:08 lose four fingers are too will surely 8:10 need to be better than formerly will be 8:12 pretty bad when it and who wins who 8:16 loses in this global class is a question 8:18 that the political elites in the robber 8:20 barons of old unit the devil once it 8:22 didn't lose the most you like to do with 8:24 you have anything as for the rest of us 8:30 you sure you may not have anything to 8:31 lose that thing i have anything either 8:35 and when this is done it again its trunk 8:38 714 all-american she prepared to be 8:41 wiped out 8:42 they say things have gotten better since 8:44 14 or not i'm not talking about the 8:47 stock market station would inflate 8:49 dollars 8:52 unfortunately the the future of global 8:57 economy is a lot of it can be summed up 8:59 in the links that are included it's 9:01 unbelievable article at state of the 9:03 union include links to many of the 9:06 interviews with people that I talk about 9:07 guys like still holds for factoring 9:08 Willie Peter ship 9:10 Oh essentially get you one of the 9:11 immediate future of the global economy 9:13 is all summed up in one short blog post 9:16 will be a link in the video that in the 9:18 notes section of this video and 9:20 encourage people to check it out because 9:22 it's no joke with you want to stand in 9:24 that whether you believe it or not it's 9:28 coming and it's coming prime time and 9:30 not so on earth they can hide from it 9:32 it's a matter of how soon so i also 9:36 recommend for anybody who like to have a 9:37 clue or in to prepare for something that 9:41 you want to check out conquering the 9:43 class that will include a review of it 9:44 so it's a book that i wore out last 9:46 happening but essentially I can't 9:50 encourage you enough to check out the 9:51 post it in there will be a link in the 9:53 notes section please be sure to leave 9:55 comments and get this this article 9:59 around on social media link in the notes 10:01 because this is going to be a matter of 10:04 life or death for a lot of people taking 10:06 the ones that is completely ignored all 10:08 the warning signs that classes coming 10:10 and you're currently experiencing is the 10:13 term for away that at some point you can 10:16 come crashing to a halt so well as i 10:19 mentioned in previous videos that you 10:21 want banned from facebook a they don't 10:23 think conservatives but they seem to 10:24 spend an awful lot for doing nothing 10:27 what I'm doing right now just sharing 10:29 information from the world's leading 10:31 expert so with that voice of reason

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