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Mosque in Texas burnt to the ground after Trump announced Muslim ban

It's been a week since the U.S. President announced his controversial travel ban on seven mainly Muslim countries. Just hours after the executive order was announced, a mosque in a small Texas town burned to the ground. The cause of the fire is still being investigated, but it has prompted an outpouring of sympathy for the Muslim community.

you're behind me a watchman once a place 0:08 where children played we're adults 0:09 worship and families gathered Victoria 0:13 islamic center is now a charge she'll 0:15 wear echoes of song are but memories 0:18 open edema and Donnie our green our home 0:24 with burning of the Imam Hassan Hassan 0:27 discovered the mosque in flames early 0:29 Sunday morning even as people around the 0:31 country gathered in airports to protest 0:34 president Trump's ban on travelers from 0:36 seven predominantly Muslim countries as 0:39 those promos voices grow so too did the 0:43 flames in Victoria come up to describe 0:46 the feeling i cannot even hold the phone 0:49 in my hand to call anyone because I 0:52 never thought again this little brought 0:53 back one day 0:54 fire investigators have not released the 0:58 cause but early signs may point to arson 1:01 three weeks before another mosque in 1:03 Texas also went up in flames adding two 1:06 fears that trumps anti-muslim rhetoric 1:08 may have emboldened some people in this 1:11 conservative state the stereotyping it's 1:14 not the real Islam Islam is about peace 1:16 and love 1:18 but then something unexpected happened 1:21 donations to the Victoria's mosque 1:23 rebuilding fun began to pour in online 1:26 more than a million dollars in four days 1:28 i have a phone call from all over not a 1:31 Muslim and non-muslim calling to offer 1:34 the support and just make it amazing and 1:38 the president of Victorious synagogue 1:40 offered the Muslims keys to the Jewish 1:42 temple got some political changes in the 1:44 world and people are uncertain and I 1:47 think that it's important for everybody 1:49 to do what they can do to help everybody 1:52 else in the past week 1:54 christian churches have made the same 1:56 offer school children have marched to 1:58 the mosque to give support and on this 2:00 friday Muslim worshippers gathered in a 2:03 makeshift hall next to their destroyed 2:05 mosque offering they're thankful prayers 2:07 that night we sold this place in a fire 2:11 I never thought would be able to have 2:12 another place for us and one community 2:16 but the support from a lot of amazing 2:19 than the support from all the people 2:22 around us with beautiful workers are now 2:24 performing the delicate task of trying 2:26 to save those sacred texts that adorn 2:30 the entrance of the mosque the mom says 2:32 its survival was a miracle the Quran 2:35 inside the building also was saved 2:38 it's just burned from all around but 2:41 then that the for an instant thing the 2:44 word that means thing for Muslims these 2:46 are hopeful signs they say whether or 2:49 not the fire was caused by hate now no 2:52 longer matters because in the end it 2:55 brought an outpouring of love 2:57 hi Joe castro al-jazeera Victoria Texas

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