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The Truth About Esteban Santiago and the Fort Lauderdale Shooting

This man claimed that 'an intelligence agency' was forcing him to watch ISIS videos and trying to radicalize him. Lets look at the origin of "ISIS" and see if it sheds any light on this situation: 'ISIS' (so-called, as no such organization called ISIS actually exists). or rather 'Daesh' was born in an American prison camp in Iraq called Camp Bucca. The detainees at Camp Bucca were high-value former members of the Iraqi Baath party. They were Iraq's military intelligence officials and other military officers Detainees at Camp Bucca were subject to "enhanced interrogations" (physical and psychological torture) and were under constant 24/hour surveillance by CIA handlers.

Today the media narrative is to tell us to be scared, but not too scared to work and pay our taxes. We should be scared enough beg the government to protect us, but not so scared we should demand the right to protect ourselves. The larger narrative is transparent and is the scariest part of every act of terror.

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