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David Icke on The Zionist Khazarian Hoax

long before any Zionists existed Jews were giving people problems..they have been kicked out of every country they have ever lived in,often numerous times.. So how many times can David say "Rothschild Zionism" before just saying Jewry.?

After they took over the American central banking system in 1913 the Jews realized they needed somewhere to stash all the loot they would be leeching out of America so they moved to establish Israel by first prolonging the first world war by promising the British and French they would bring America into the war in return for the establishment of Jewish State in Palestine--this was the Balfour Agreement. Then they cut off all loan funding to Germany and had their agents foment communist revolution in Germany. As a result Germany lost the war and suffered the horrendous indignition of the Verasilles treaty. The German people took their revenge on the Jews during World War 2 in what the Jews call the ''Holocaust''.

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