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Anonymous - Donald Trump Finally EXPOSES George Soros!

SOROS .. the master manipulator that can overthrow your country by using protesters to influence the countrys people. This can cause riots and a big SPLIT in the country.

George Soros is one of the most powerful men in the world and is a MAJOR part of the NWO. He sits at the head of the table with the Banker elites and the Bilderbergs. (which are the new world order). He was right when he said that Hillary will be president. It is set in stone. The new world order decided that over a year ago. Trump will get the popular vote. Unfortunately, the popular vote won't get him anything. The electoral vote will go to hillary. It will be that way because they can not control the popular vote ! Only the electoral vote can be altered to create the situation they want to happen. Come on folks. Are you all really that naive? Are you that unable to look at history, both recent and far back. Stop looking at the moment and realize what the truth is. Look at the big picture. Connect all the regulations and laws in one pattern and see the road we are on and have been for over 100 years. Our demise has been created over a great deal of time. These people, like Soros, Rothchilds, Rockefellars, understand a 'legacy'. They want the power to stay in their family and hand it down one generation to the next. We are their experiment. They test drugs on us, food on us, rules on us, whatever they are into creating, we are their guinea pigs. You think they can do that because they have so much money. No! It is because we do not act. If there is a bully in the school yard and no one does anything, he continues to bully. But he is ONE bully. When the school gets together, the school is many and the bully runs for hills, buys security to keep the school out and away. We are in this situation because we have been silent. You need to ask yourself are you really to stupid to run your life? Who gave these people the right to cram their rules down your throat? Simple. Everyone that was silent outnumbered those that had a voice so we lose everything... our freedom, liberties, and rights. They are not gods. they are people with a ton of money that think their shit does not stink and ours does.

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