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End Times Headline News - January 13th, 2017

Swamp draining is a confusing business. Lots of news from around the world as it applies to us in these end times. Make no mistake, we are rolling through end times especially with Israel attacking Damascus. Be ye ready.

All channeling Goebbels. Freedom of press is in our Constitution as a means of insuring informed citizenry. What strikes me about US attempts at controlling media is just how primitive and crude these attempts are. The Government SHOULD NOT INTERFERE. with freedom of press, and should not fund any programs to "counter the propaganda". If indeed something is propaganda and untrue -- a helthy competition in media would have provided plenty of ways to expose any such lies and innuendos. This is not happening because media ownership has been concentrated in a very small number of entities who in turn control the entire spectrum if mainstream media, TV, print, entertainment, social networks, etc. This has created the situation where on-line alternatives are the only source of real information. While not always balanced, it is real, and people can by themselves form their opinion. AND THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DENY. Once upon a time, Al-Jazeera was created to provide a different perspective, but Qatar ruler who founded it was pushed to abdicate in favor of his son, and Al-Jazeera went under globalist ownership, today not being any more usefull then CNN. So, the ONLY TV media with programming NOT under their control is RT. And since they cannot wrestle the ownership, they tried by planting neocon anchors, to dramatically resign on air. That backfired, as Facebook posts revealed her association with a well known neocon figure, and how the stunt was planned. RT narrative is off ghe script. Even though it is TAME and CAUTIOUS, it is at its best in providing news. Be that the chaos in Ukraine or the sad attempt of MSM and the warmongers of both parties to represent Aleppo as a heroic defense of revolution. Being the only one not under control on TV -- the fury has descended on them and Russia. What these people do not understand is that RT internet presence is dwarfing MSM globally. No amount of censorship can change that. At least not yet.

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