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BREAKING LIVE "Rosie O'Donnell Calls For Martial Law"

Does she realize if Marshal Law is imposed she's on lock down to no visits from her weed dealer and no trips to the liquor store to pick up vodka and a playboy mag.

I would like liberals to answer a question. Name one thing Obama has done that benefits Americans. Name one. Bet you can't. As far as Hollywood goes, here's my take. These people have gotten rich off of you. They don't give a rats ass about you. What have they done to help you, absolutely nothing. They whine and cry and get you to rally behind them. For what. Not one of them would invite you to their homes. Your not in their class. But yet you stand behind them. Crazy. As far as Imigrants go. Do you actually support this. They come in and take jobs from you, they murder people, they definitely do not care about you. But no , liberals are for immigration, for what, cheap labour I guess. Spend some of your millions and hire a real American. Nope, I migrants are cheaper especially illegals. Do you actually think that any of these Hollywood communists would move to a muslem neighborhood, I think not. They are safe and sound in their gated communities while you brain dead dumb asses do their bidding for them. Ask yourself, what Obama has done for you. I'm sure you will eventually come to the conclusion that he has made the country worse. No jobs, debt, rampant racial devide, severely corrupted government and media to further globalism. George soros is the mastermind behind all this. The same George soros who killed and robbed people in ww2. He has said he did it and didn't care. Trump is trying to bring the country back together. His supporters believe in him and they want the same thing. You liberals are crazy if you think different. Globalism is rampant world wide. That's why other countries want out. Look at Germany. People dying left and right. This is what Globalism and Obama wanted. One world government, one religion. If you want communism and Islam then keep supporting it. The rest of us don't. Think about what you are doing. You are tearing your country apart for the beliefs of a few. Clue in and help make America Great Again. Again I ask you to give me one example of good that Obama has done. I believe there are no examples. The world is going to hell and you liberals can't see past Obamas magic and Hollywood's hypnotism.

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