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Donald Trump Will REMOVE George Soros From AMERICA -- ANONYMOUS

Soros is fighting a battle that he will not win. All schemes he and the government have tried to conjured up has blown up in their faces. God is in control

I hope Trump will shut this idiot down ! Give him to the countries who have warrants on him ! I can't understand why a reasonably intelligent America would listen to this Nazi ! And he has the brass on his evil face to call Trump a Nazi ! That's what Nazi's do ! This comes right out of Hitler's book of ways to destroy and take a country over ! Germany fell to this rhetoric! So shall we if we can't stop our own people from trying to destroy the rest of us ! Why do you think they want our guns ? When the criminals are the ones killing people not the citizens who keep them in their homes ! Wake up America ! Show this pervert for what he really is ! Pure Evil!!!!!

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