The U.S. Economy Is Set to Collapse Around March 4, 2014

Dead Bankers and the Media Prediction the U.S. Economy Is Set to Collapse Around March 4, 2014 

I think its a programed crash to make way for a new global currency backed by gold... any way the days of the Dollar as the global currency are going to end soon by the looks of it...I would buy gold if I could but the economy has me on my knees. So I'm going to learn survival skills to survive, and by survival skills I'm not talking about being handy with a smart phone guys.

Dates aren't a sure thing but nevertheless be vigilant. I stubbled upon the article in Dec. of 2013. I saw that chart in Dec. as well. I really didn't buy it But with the banker suicides occurring, nasty comments coming from the 1%, civil unrest happening, record low approval numbers of our gov. in general and all of this surveillance exposing going on I would say something's Gonna go down... maybe. There was a report on Comedy News Network saying that Iran is sending ships but they don't expect them to stay or come. They've said they've done this in the past and they couldn't keep the ship supplied with goods and had to retreat. The ships were/are to be in international waters. There was a report on RT that said Russia had sent ships that were off the coast of Cuba. All I can say is be prepared but don't obsess you never know. I just wanna know why? Why make people suffer? Why say we should all work hard to be like them when the game isn't fair and the opponent has cheat codes? Why? What's the point? I've heard different answers from different people but still I ask why? What's the point. 


  1. I do not share the doom and gloom scenaro currently. we more likely to see stagnation for over a decade this is a type of gloom and doom.

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