Neil Sanders - The Wicked Social Media Trap

Jeff Rense & Neil Sanders - The Wicked Social Media Trap Clip from February 18, 2014 - guest Neil Sanders on the Jeff Rense Program.What are the benefits of Social Networking Sites? What are the dangers of Social Networking? What should you not post on your site? What is the impact from incriminating and inappropriate information posted on network sites? Can postings on a network site effect employment? And outlines the felony charges associated with sexting!

An interesting fact given that "social media" is 100% non face to face. i have little hope for the generation that is being pounded by this silly social media thing...they are not going to have an ounce of street smarts, not an ounce of experience derived from interactions and they will not be able to know when they are being bullshitted. they fell for obama...and will continue to fall for the next savvy manipulator
Facebook is garbage. With no content and plenty of B.S. information to waste life with. No content at all. Like Mark Zuckerberg said himself, "My user's are F#&king idiots". Now I know, he's not talking about me.Just a complete waste of time/life that can be spent doing something that is actually worthwhile.

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