BENJAMIN FULFORD -- Secretary of Skull and Bones Kerry's begging bowl half-filled after China pays

Benjamin Fulford Update : Secretary of Skull and Bones Kerry’s begging bowl half-filled after China pays ... Indonesia nays- February 17 FEB 2014

The United States of America Corporation has managed to stave off
bankruptcy once again last week after Secretary of Skull and Bones John
Kerry showed up in China with begging bowl in hand last week and got a
donation, according to Chinese government sources. The money came with
many strings attached, notably getting the US to jerk Japanese slave
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s chain

and accept the reunification of the Korean peninsula, the sources
said. The reunification of Korea story, something the Zionist slave
press tried to ignore, can be seen here on the official North Korean
news site:

However, Kerry’s efforts to get gold from Indonesia to support the
Federal Reserve Board and his Fuehrer George Bush Sr. were rebuffed
prompting Kerry to make veiled threats to unleash weather warfare: “in a
sense climate change can now be considered another weapon of mass
destruction, perhaps even the world’s most fearsome weapon,” after
Indonesia’s president refused to meet him.

He also threatened other countries by saying: “Just one meter is enough
to put half of Jakarta under water. Just one meter would displace
hundreds of millions of people worldwide and threaten billions in
economic activity,” Kerry said.;_ylt=AwrSyCOE5gBTVEEAaffQtDMD

These sorts of veiled threats are a sign of desperation, not strength
because events around the world are no longer going according to the
Zionist/Nazi agenda and their fascist new world order is collapsing.

The suspicious death last week of yet another JP Morgan IT
specialist, the 37 year old Ryan Henry Crane, was linked to Kerry’s gold
begging mission in Indonesia, according to CIA and other sources. The
dying beast that is JP Morgan has to make

There may also be some military turbulence that will accompany this
financial warfare, according to Eastern European sources. A war call has
been sent out in the Eastern bloc and some sort of major move is
promised for after the Sochi Olympics end, these sources say.

Already, Russian and other Eastern European special forces have gone
to the Ukraine and told the CIA “protesters” there to choose between
“vodka, caviar and friendship” or “death.” Perhaps that is why the
Ukraine turmoil suddenly stopped.

Also, the Serbians are very upset the Americans did not shut down
their Bondsteel military camp as promised and are once again thinking of
destroying it with a suit-case nuclear weapon.

The situation in the Middle East too is moving towards a paradigm
shift. The Egyptians, Syrians, Iranians and Turks are all moving towards
ending the ancient Sunni/Shia rift and creating a loose confederation
of Muslim states.

The Saudi and Israeli factions still trying to foment a
Christian/Muslim holy war are increasingly isolated and a take-down of
the Saudi regime is possible unless they surrender.

Speaking about surrender, the Saudis made an offer of $25 trillion
recently to the White Dragon Society in exchange for historical Asian
gold but were refused because accepting it would have meant agreeing
that they had the right to create money out of thin air. The money would
have been created at one of several esoteric “trading platforms” the
cabal uses to create money out of thin air and then launder it into the
real economy. The right create money must always be linked to the real
world and must belong to the people and other living creatures of the
planet earth and not to an ancient slaving guild.

There was also an offer of 12 trillion dollars’ worth gold from South
America made to the WDS last week. This offer seemed to be genuine and
filled with good intent but so far, as has been the case with all other
stories of astronomical amounts of gold, no physical proof it exists has
yet been produced. The person making the offer promised to show up soon
with physical gold. We shall see.

The only real treasure in Asia this writer has seen proof of still
being in existence is the treasure hidden in the hills behind the
treasure museum in Taipei, Taiwan. Even a lot of that was thoroughly
looted by eunuchs etc. long before the Nationalist Chinese government
evacuated it to Taiwan.

Even if some of the other legendary treasure stashes exist, the
people of the world must ask themselves if hidden controllers claiming
ownership of these treasures should be put in charge of deciding the
future of the planet. The Chinese government, the Russians, the Pentagon and their allies
may have to come to the conclusion that all of these tales of umpteen
million tons of gold are a red herring. If that is the case, they need
to take over the current privately owned international central banking
system and then start backing the various currencies out there with a
basket of commodities or other real assets.

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