Wednesday, October 9, 2019

France vs. Germany : Which Country is better for Expats , which country has better Economy ?

The classical saying is : France is farming, Germany is making . But this was still mostly true in the ‘80s, before both countries economies slide to anything is services. In fact, this simply means anything is money! Welcome to The Atlantis Report . The same work ethic and the same work hours . The French speak German, as good as the Germans speak french . Germany is mainly an industrial country. France is a bridge country, half industrial, half farming. The French GDP per inhabitant is 44100 euros, per year of course. German GDP per inhabitant is 45000 euros per year. So that's just a 2% difference. If you listen to the people , yes Germany is great and France sucks. However, if you dig deeper, you'll see that French politicians and French people have a taste for lashing them hard. Ask any Frenchmen you know and he'll probably explain you to great length how his country could be better if she had better politicians. In Germany it's reverse, German people are proud of Germany's achievements (and rightly so). The result is France is not as bad as most French people believe and Germany probably is not as good as the Germans believe. Both countries have strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you are looking to ensure quality control on some product, don't do it in France, do it in Germany. The Germans rocks in control and nothing bad will escape their scrutiny. (This is why the Volkswagen scandal was so unexpected). This is why high end industrial goods come from Germany. German cars may not be the most fancy cars, but you know when you buy one that you'll never be disappointed. On the other hand, disruptive innovation is rare from Germany. Which does not matter to their success. If you need to disrupt an industry sector, then France will be better. The French may have trouble to scale and ensure quality while a company is growing up. They are however excellent to design something new from scratch. Remember the Renault Espace ? This was a disruptive car that created it's market segment (and was a huge success). The Minitel may have faded away against the internet, but many French entrepreneurs thrived on the internet because they tried all the business models on the minitel. Illiad S.A. (better known as Free) was one of the first (if not the first) company in the world to offer TV and Phone over DSL lines. I could give you a long list there. So which country will offer you more opportunities as an expat , really depends on what you are looking for. But on the overall these are two rich countries where you could live very well, so you should consider more what areas of economies are working in each countries. And what lifestyle do you want to live.

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