The End of Democracy !!

The idea of rule by the people is a scam, one perpetuated by those who, in actuality, are in control of the government. Through the “democratic process” of voting and elections, a small, determined minority can impose its will despite majority opposition: We often hear it said that ‘in a democracy, it is the people who rule...’ Rule by the people is a myth which loses all substance once confronted with the real practice in democracy. It's very important for the peeps running things to keep people under control and let them think they have a say in what happens to them. The illusion of choice is everything. The founding fathers gave us a representative republic. Only progressives want to tell you it is a Democracy, which is another way of saying mob rule with no limits. They hate the Constitution for it's limits it applies on their power. They only love it when they can position it as a controlling document on your liberties. The best definition of democracy was given by the Russian philosopher Vasily Rozanov. ‘Democracy is the system by which an organized minority governs an unorganized majority.’ This ‘unorganized majority’ is the people, aggregated and individualistic, incapable of reaction because disjointed. Contrary to what democracy’s principles proclaim: one can say that the majority almost never wins. Democracy is not the system of the majority, but that of the most powerful minority, and it has this power not simply due to its numbers, but also and above all due to its organization. I think it was Churchill that said, in effect, “democracy is the worst form of government other than every other form of government that man has invented “. Indeed where corrupt evil men seek power and control over others there is no form of civilized government that could be perfect. The entire 20th century in particular is the best example of the tyranny of man. Current democracy is a concept, where a popular vote only counts, when it is parallel with elite´s goals. If not, you must repeat voting until a desired result is achieved. "The concentration of political power could only be attained after the control of money and credit were centralized in the form of central banking and the gold standard was eliminated. " When America was founded, you had to be a male land owner (white or black) to vote. Having a pregnant Guatemalan swim across a river, get free health care, free house, free education and demand the right to vote would have been laughed out of Constitution Hall. To feel that society owed you something used to bring shame and dishonor to a family. Like most in my generation I was raised having constantly heard from my parents that the world doesn't owe me a living. It was quite a shock, after growing up in a community with high morals, then moving to the city, that almost everyone in the cities was strictly into self-serving with no concern with doing things to elevate mankind on whole. Everyone today is in it for themselves. If you take a freeway to work, you can see a practical example of it by observing how people drive; cutting lanes, tailgating and speeding. They care nothing about the common safety of others, it’s all about “me”.There is no longer a remaining sense of a social fabric. Modern democrats disagree with that ancient virtue of self reliance. Western "Democracy" is suspiciously close to communism, where a tiny elite manipulates the masses for their own benefit, while manufacturing an elaborate charade that it is all being done for the benefit of the masses. The 20th century communists relied on propaganda to further the charade, while the modern western "democrats" rely on the false promises of the ballot box. The communists lost because propaganda isn't as effecting as the ballot box in promoting the charade. Democracy contains the seed for its own self destruction, a sort of embedded poison pill time capsule if you will. Fiat currency perverts the system. The most likely scenario if there is to be a change in Western democratic life will be from a world-wide economic crisis and collapse of the financial system which will render the nation states unable to meet their financial obligations to their citizens. All economies are hopelessly indebted from their welfare state excesses and can never hope to meet their promises which now runs in the trillions. What will emerge in the aftermath of a collapse is hard to predict, but some form of authoritarianism is likely which will be centered on a one-world state with a single, irredeemable currency. While the financial demise of Western-styled democracy will be evident for all to see, its ideological underpinnings which have justified its existence needs to be extirpated. Any hope of it being reconstituted to better serve “the people” needs to be shot down. There is no better place to start the de-mystification of Democracy than with Christophe Buffin de Chosal’s magnificent, The End of Democracy. John Adams once said : Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.

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