Joel Skousen -- The Alex Jones Show October 20 2015

The Alex Jones Show (2nd HOUR-VIDEO Commercial Free) Tuesday October 20 2015: Joel Skousen

Economic Collapse -- Date: 10/20/2015 -- -Today - On this Tuesday, October 20 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we cover collapse of global trade, worldwide recession, and the nazification of the United States. We also cover the ongoing crisis of illegal immigration in Europe as Sweden faces social and financial collapse. Other topics include Obama’s meeting with the so-called “Clock Kid,” the death of patriot Irwin Schiff and the insanity of the liberal gun-grabber mentality as a socialist professor declares all gun owners should be shot. On today’s broadcast we talk with Joel Skousen, the editor and publisher of World Affairs Brief and author and former United States Department of State official Steve Pieczenik. Mr. Pieczenik will talk about Syria, Russia, Putin, the failures of the U.S. military, the Trump campaign and other topics.

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  2. Alex use
    your logic Joel Skousen: understand something not Russia neither IRAN, lookup 1917, lookup 1913, lookup ww1 - 2. banks. now lookup British royalty, Hitler, and you got the plot. remember the HAYES Netherlands peace treaty by the tsar. Russia is not soviet Bolshevik Russia is returning to 1917, and that is what London
    fears, the rebirth of the Tsar, as that will put the brit’s royalty naked as
    the emperor without clothes. however, brits are expert in colonization as well
    manipulative thinking. A logical possibility: 1913 the aim was the end of the Tsar as it happened, once the AIPAC 1913 gang took over they had the Balfour declaration handed over to the Rothschild’s
    however the aim of Rothschild was world domination economically, an israel as the fulcrum, the goal of Britain was to remain at the sole kingdom on the planet, understanding that Russia will displace them, they agreed you destroy Russia, we get our Queen kings for a while longer and the world will worship the only sole monarch on the planet. Rothschild agreed and Russia begun to be attacked, ever since, Russia being a very large domain was quite hard to dispose of however they disposed of the tsar the symbol of culture & reason to be in Russia. today the AIPAC congress traitors continue the task. but they will not win is over for AIPAC minions. And EsteƩ Lauder supporters.


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