Sell Stocks , Buy Gold, NOW !

It is all the ups and downs that the Austrian business cycle theory explains . It has always been the interference by the governments that creates the problems and volatility. They've kept rates low for so long that it's just more of the same. Of course something will happen. Of course nobody can tell you exactly when. But the stock market crash will come. Rome took hundreds of years to finish collapsing. It's not if, we know that . it's when , and nobody knows. After all It's one of two things: we default on the debt or we print and devalue. They are actually the same thing . Take cost now or defer over time. It's just not that complicated. The debt is just a future tax obligation . It is either paid by raising taxes , which is impossible , or they use the inflation tax by debasing the currency in order to monetize the debt. Those two options are one of the same. The key to successful investing is knowing when to buy and when to sell. This is true for stocks, bonds, real estate , and gold... When the current paradigm ends , the rush to gold will be nothing short of stunning . As stocks, bonds, and overpriced real estate drop precipitously. It's difficult for a lot of people to understand Gold. Gold is not an investment. Gold is economic insurance. Most importantly it is money. I don't hold Gold for yield. In fact, I buy Gold when it is dropping, not when it is going up. Fiat currency is not just thievery. Fiat currency is SLAVERY. Ultimately the most harmful effect of using debt of undefined value as money i.e. fiat currencies, is the de facto legalization of a caste system based on voluntary slavery. The bankers have a charter, or the legal right, to create money out of nothing. You , and I ,we don't . In conclusion, The bankers can create money out of nothing and buy your goods and services with this worthless fiat money, effectively for free. We, we can't. We, we have to lead miserable existences for the most of us , and WORK in order to obtain that effectively nonexistent . worthless credit money . whose purchasing/exchange value is not even DEFINED . that the banker effortlessly creates out of thin air with a few strokes of the computer keyboard, and which they do not even bother to print on paper anymore. electing to keep it in its pure quantum uncertain form instead. as electrons whizzing about inside computer chips which will become mute and turn silent refusing to tell you how many fiat dollars or euros there are in which account, in the absence of electricity. No electricity, no fiat nor crypto money. only hard assets will be safe... USA debt obligations and budget deficits will force monetary expansion in the coming decade like never seen before. Trillions and trillions printed to pay for these bankrupted pensions. The US Dollar will depreciate as a result. The US Dollar may even collapse and become near worthless compared to today. Gold already near or at all time highs in Australian and Canadian Dollars, Mexican Peso, Indian Rupee, Brazilian Real, etc... Once $1500 is taken out , gold is going back to $1800 , $1900 ,in short order. Silver is poised for even bigger gains. Gold stores value against paper money. Gold is even a hard value reality for the fiat money paper printers themselves. Why do the Central Banks want and buy gold ? Nations are repatriating their gold reserves back into their own hands. Gold has never left the playing field.

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