Bank Run starts in Germany Deutsche bank clients are pulling 1 Billion Euros a day

BANK RUN Starts in Germany as DEUTSCHE BANK CLIENTS ARE PULLING $1 BILLION A DAY... So is this finally it ? ... Deutsche Bank has been forced to shed 18,000 jobs , a fifth of the payroll. That’s what happens when you apply Keynesian economics and try to micromanage the economy from the top. Central banks print money that doesn’t represent new economic activity ie real GDP growth . And thus banks and hedge funds speculate with cheap money rather than prudently investing it where real growth can take place on Main Street . Especially when interest rates are artificially lowered as they have been in the last several decades since Greenspan. Rather they should have allowed the markets to set rates as had happened in the 1907 crash. JP Morgan and Co saved the companies worth saving, let the rest crash, and the economy boomed. The Fed was incorporated in 1913 along with the income tax, after which all our real problems began. The Fed’s balance sheet for instance has grown from $500 billion a couple decades ago to $4.5 trillion… all for a tiny 2.2% gain in real household income ($61,377, only 2.2% above its 1999 level.). Meanwhile the Nasdaq 100 has gained 250%. As the former Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan, David Stockman points out, It’s a plain fact that stock prices can’t grow at 6.1 times the Main Street economy’s growth rate. DeutschBank has been trading at 90% from its top pre-recession. HSBC, Banco Santander, Credit Suisse, Citibank and others are in similar straits. As Harry Dent points out, the bank with the highest exposure to the most leveraged and toxic of all assets – credit default swaps (largely mortgage derivatives) – is Deutsche Bank. It holds 10% of this $550 trillion nuclear bomb: “Not billion. Not million. Trillion!”. At 10%, that means Deutsche Bank has $54.7 trillion credit default swamps on its books. JPMorgan isn’t far behind, with $51.9 trillion. Citibank has $51.2 trillion, Goldman Sachs has $43.6 trillion and the Bank of America has $27.8 trillion. UniCredit, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, and a slew of other banks across the globe , including China, who hides its debt by pushing it to the local level , and all the emerging market nations it lends to who are at risk of default , all hold more than 10% non-performing loans. In other words , in a fractional banking system they are all Bankrupt . Deutsche Bank was likely the biggest money laundering bank in the world. The plug has been pulled and the draining continues. How much bailout money is the Federal Reserve going to provide? The Fed bailout of the global banking system during the Lehman collapse amounted to $3 trillion. The difference from Lehman is that Deutsche Bank is the systematically important bank, globally. The ECB will provide unlimited resources to prevent a Deutsche Bank implosion. They will be supported in this by every other central bank, the IMF, everyone vested in the current monetary system. These Mega Banks in today's context are extensions of Central Banks and governments. They stand ready to participate in whatever needs to be done . to extend liquidity, launder money, purchase sovereign bonds, or pay off corrupt politicians . We all need to adjust our fundamental view of 'reality,' . I am a naturally skeptic, but I know that even I am way behind in understanding the fabricated state of criminal cartels in the world. But one thing remains certain : If Deutsche Bank goes down, you have about two weeks before the US banks start declaring an unscheduled banking holiday. What bank do you think you can move money to that won’t be affected? . You better start buying gold, land, or even Bitcoin. 

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