ITALY: Far right + Far left TOGETHER in a coalition government?

 Can you imagine a far-right wing party and a populist left wing platform joining forces to make a government? This is what happened in Italy. OK, it is true, “The League’ (formerly called ‘Northern League”) is not a classical far-right party. The same goes with the 5 stars Movement, which is not liberal on the Ocasio Cortez sense. Then again, we can say that the government coalition in Italy is, pretty much, something like ‘the odd couple’. The Eurozone crisis, the corruption and the disenchantment with the political elite has led to an odd situation in Italy, where the main political parties (Democratic Party, the centre-left, and Berlusconi’s Forza Italia, the centre-right) had lost the voters’ trust. The extremes have become the new mainstream. But the question is… Could Italy serve as a cautionary tale for other countries? Can we see other odd couple governments in other countries? How did this happen? In this video, we will tell you everything you need to know about Italian government.

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