Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Dr. Eric Karlstrom PhD - More On Burgeoning AI & EMF Mind Control

Intel agency controlled satanic gang stalking with DEWs, neurotech, poisons, drugs, pathogens, NLP, waking and sleeping hypnotism; full control over Hollywood and the music industry; political dissidents, activists and opposition characters heavily targeted. Zionist agenda. Baphomet agenda. Manchurian Candidate agenda. Globalist agenda. Rooted in doctrines from Kabalah, Talmud and Satanism. Aims to coerce subservient behaviour or cause insanity, incarceration or death by induced suicide. Totally agree with the assertion that targets are being used as experimental test cases for future 5G weaponization: V2K; memory implants, corruption and extraction; frequency induced emotional states and behavioural manipulation; digital tracking, surveillance and data harvesting. Related science and technology is highly advanced, and well sourced and documented thanks to people like Dr Karlstrom. There seems to have been a major intensification of covert activity utilising this tech and methodology since 2014. Many targets claim this as being a very significant year.

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