The TRUTH Hurts! - But It's ALSO Funny!

Josh Sigurdson talks with Benny Wills, artist, poet, comedian, actor, real estate investor (wait, what?) among countless other hats. Benny Wills is one of the founders of Joycamp, an incredibly talented group of people creating sketches, short films and podcasts all in the name of exposing truths to the world you will not find on television. With some of the most well produced, incredibly intuitive videos out there, it comes as no surprise that Benny comes from an entertainment industry family having acted since he was a young kid. Benny talks about his poetry and comedy and how one can spread truths through comedy. People laugh because they know it's true. It's a great way to get to the core of an individual and wake them up. Benny talks about how he woke up and the many tentacles affecting the populace at the hands of control freaks in government and banking and how he thinks people should break free, be compassionate and expose the lies we're told on a regular basis. We highly recommend everyone subscribe to JoyCamp! This YouTube channel should be ultra viral. The content is so high quality it's shocking that it doesn't have a higher average viewership... Oh right... probably because it exposes truths and talks about freedom which is obviously off limits... Oh well. If you're seeing this subscribe anyways! 

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