Jerry Brown Says He Thinks of the Berlin Wall When It Comes to Trump’s Wall

 The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists held its annual Doomsday Clock event this week, again delivering the grim assessment that the world is on the brink of nuclear annihilation. The Doomsday Clock would remain at two minutes to midnight. After the assembled scientists took turns quantifying their pessimism, the Bulletin introduced its new Executive Chair: legendary four-term California governor, three-time presidential candidate, and ex-boyfriend of Linda Ronstadt, Jerry Brown. Brown thundered that the world was sleepwalking towards doom. The nine nations that comprise the world's nuke club, he warned, are “playing Russian roulette with humanity.” At age 80, Brown has finally abandoned the daily tumult of Sacramento politics and retired to his sprawling family ranch--but not from the world of ideas. He sat down with VICE News's Michael Moynihan to discuss his life in politics, what it means to be a “planetary realist,” and why “Governor Moonbeam” is living out his final years as a nuclear Cassandra.

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