Astronomers Have Discovered Something Incredible Just Outside Of Our Solar System

 Astronomers have discovered something incredible just outside of our solar system. We take a look at this incredible discovery astronomers made. We managed to accomplish a lot in a relatively short time on Earth. We already sent humans to live in space and to the moon, we developed massive and very sophisticated telescopes and have sent robotics to mars. Many organizations have decided to take a step further, the European Space Agency and NASA have been working very hard to find out if we are completely alone. Today, we have a big number of projects that are made to scan the stars for signs of intelligent life. Despite our efforts, we have yet to make a contact, however this is mainly due to the fact that the universe is massive. The number of known star systems and planets keeps on expanding. Scientists have many theories about why haven’t we found any intelligent extraterrestrial life or why haven’t they found us. Since we haven’t made any contact yet, one of the theories suggests that there must be something stopping life from communicating with other alien species. The barrier we speak of is also known as the ‘’Great Filter’’. Great Filter is described as an event or a force that stops certain civilization from getting close to interstellar communication or travel.

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