When The Economy Collapses The Fed Will Be Taken Over:Lynette Zang

Russia turkey Iran Venezuela Brussels China North Korea from what I know are starting to move away from the switch money exchange system and dropping the US dollar I'm sure there's other countries that are in the works? Isn't Donald Trump trying to make ends meet by using tariffs to break even because the dollar is not being used and the oil exchange and now other markets are starting to use other currencies aside the American dollar? Alongside that it's no secret that America has committed hundreds of false Flags throughout the years and social media is a exposing all that very clearly as YouTube tried to purge all the truth away from the world with Facebook and Twitter but that is done nothing. Washington DC cannot hide the truth of false Flags especially the greatest false flag in the world 9/11 I assumed they were ready for World War 3 because Defcon was set at Defcon 3 not just because it was a false attack and three buildings were set for demolition when the truth was maybe Washington DC didn't have everybody on the bandwagon and they assumed one country put try to expose the truth! It's an Open Secret and the world is waking up to America Imperialist and there's only two things Washington DC can do admit the truth the entire government get this band and tried for treason are they will attempt the bomb every country in the World with nukes to attempt to hide the truth of 911 false flag the biggest lie in the history of America since its establishment. Larry Silverstein has won the biggest largest 4.5 billion insurance fraud which makes Washington DC the most evil corrupt government and financial system in the world and that truth being exposed would destroy America's economy and the stock market forever the truth would destroy America and there would be nothing left!

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