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2030 AGENDA: The Pope Ushers in the New World Order - Sustainable Development

 The turther community was largely birthed as a result of exposing and becoming aware of the New World Order. And while some have continued to track this political and economic development, it has lulled much of the religious community to sleep. More fascinating and enticing topics like the nephilim, and more recently the flat earth conspiracy (not that there is anything wrong with those topics) has kept us distracted and largely unaware of the global development headed by the UN.  The political and economic arm of the NWO had been established for many years. But yesterday, with the Pope standing before the UN, giving his blessing to the 2030 global sustainability agenda, we have officially entered the final phase of creating a one world government.   For those who were paying attention, the Vatican had been working on developing this arm of the New World Order for a long time. But as the Pope addressed the UN, the next phase, and perhaps the most aggressive, is now in play.

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