Politicians behaving badly

 Here's a question. Do we ever get any answers in Question Time? It's supposed to be an important part of the parliamentary process, a chance to keep the government accountable on important issues of the day. In reality, it's become a screaming match of insults and abuse, and a grubby window through which we’ve witnessed a decade of brutal politics and the career execution of four prime ministers. As a result, people outside the Canberra bubble are increasingly cynical about out of touch MPs, mostly men, who seem to seem to delight in bullying each other and their female colleagues. In a special report for 60 MINUTES, the Nine Network's political editor Chris Uhlmann speaks with former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop who reveals Australian politics has become an international joke, the ‘coup capital of the world’. But there is some positive news. Free from the constraints of her jet-setting ministerial position, Ms Bishop has committed to an even more significant leadership role: improving behavior in the Australian parliament.

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