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Gerald Celente - Tariffs and Techs Won't Sink Markets. These Three Will

The declaration that Israel made of being a Jewish nation state is what every nation should do. It should be clear in every nation who’s the nation it is and who are just guests. And guests in any nation should not be asked or even allowed to serve in the military nor should they be able to vote nor hold public office and various other positions. they should just be treated with a certain amount of decency and given a certain amount of rides but they shouldn’t have equal rights with The actual people who’s nation it is. The only problem I have with Israel making this declaration is the fact that while they do it for themselves juice simultaneously promote multiculturalism and mass immigration into every white nation!!! That and the fact that the United States is overrun with dual citizens of Israel in Congress and high positions in our government and society which is an absolute outrage!!!!!

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