David Icke (Aug 23, 2018) - Another Day, Another Horror Who benefits New

The easy way around this is not to take notice of the news, when it's on my doorstep and I can see it for myself I'll take notice. There's nothing I can do about things happening miles away anyway. I do keep an eye on alternative media when it comes to political alliances and odd events unfolding in the middle east. These alliances and eventual outcomes are outlined in the Bible so it's handy to have an idea where we might be on the prophetical timeline. As Nibiru (Wormwood) is pretty close now I don't want to get caught napping. Catastrophe is in the post and I have a good idea how to have a good chance at side stepping it. I don't want to pack up and jack my job to soon, it's all in the timing. Half of these gunmen are probably on MK Ultra or similar, our water supply, food and chem trails are poisoning us and turning us into transmitters & receivers. When 5G rolls out expect such incidences to become the norm. The Gulf war was used to test chemical weapons such as smart dust, that's why the Iraq forces were so eager to surrender. In the battles where they didn't surrender they managed to do damage to the UN Forces. Vietnam proved that a lesser army can provide a formidable enemy when fighting on home soil.

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