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America will Collapse before Turkey -- Peter Schiff

"Sarcasm" : The Dollar will live forever ... because it's backed by real values with intrinsic value and so. And it's the only currency that is not printed out of thin air. And of course it is in the hands of the american people and not a foreign hook-nose entity.

All the moral western media have to ask is... Will Turkey's economic woes reach Europe? Not long ago they was trying to get Turkey into the EU. How’s that working out? Then a failed Coup And Turkey and Russia are best mates and there’s a stalemate between Turkey and western political powers... True or a double bluff? Dow down 200, emerging markets crashing on US-Turkey geopolitical concerns The US stock markets couldn't avoid the bloodbath on Friday that was triggered by a collapse in Turkish lira amid an escalating diplomatic tensions between US and Turkey. Investors are worried about escalating political uncertainty in the world. The Dow Jones Industrial Average index slid 231 points, or one percent during early trading hours on Wall Street. Another two key US indices, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq pulled back 0.7 percent.
WW3 is coming soon guys. A war is the perfect to restore the shattered economy!
and an excellent way to get the people to accept the authoritarian peace, that will follow it, as the destruction will be so massive. And "free speech" will be blamed for having caused divisiveness and hatred. They've already got some people saying "a few experts" should take the decisions.

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