Japanese Bankers Are FURIOUS As Economy Destabilizes! - Bank of Japan Is DESPERATE!

 Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent news out of Japan as Japanese bankers make private complaints against the Bank of Japan regarding their purchase of corporate bonds at negative interest rates. The bankers are demanding they stop this practice. Since February, the Bank of Japan has continuously bought company notes at yields below zero at monthly operations which is causing a lot of concern and anger. Bankers are worried that they will have to reduce the interest rates they place on loans if this downward pressure continues to be placed on corporate borrowing costs in the credit market. This is hurting the banks' profitability over all. While the monetary system falters as all fiat systems inevitably do throughout history going back to 1024 AD in China, it certainly doesn't help that the banks are all technically insolvent. Both sides of this argument are facing the fire. With vast manipulation in the markets, Japan has been seeing ETF holdings skyrocket, largely coming from the BOJ. On top of that, the Yen is getting weaker as vast amounts are printed and debt climbs higher at a constant rate. This is another example of vast central planning and the need for individuals to break free from that centralized paradigm, be self sustainable and financially responsible and not be so willing to bow to everything the government and banking system do. The banks and government want a dependent populace and that does not benefit the individuals living in Japan, placed into a collective order that is constantly used for the benefit of the establishment. The people of Japan must look outside the current financial complex and build their own independent structure. Especially as the central bank attempts to pull them into a centrally planned cashless society!

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