Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What You Really Are - David Icke

YOU are not here to pay the bills , just get by and then die ! YOU are here to create your own reality as your heart desires ! Because desire comes from your higher self (the universe,god,subconscious or whatever you may call it ) but the SYSTEM is trying so hard to make us believe that the reality we see right now is the only truth..they want to make us believe that everything is physical.. they make us pay bills , go to school and do other pointless stuff just to persuade us that we are not worthy and THEY are in charge, when in reality everyone has the same power in this world it's just matter of acknowledging and using it for your own benefit ! YOU are here to ENJOY LIFE , to EXPAND , to HAVE FUN to manifest your desires NOT to go to school (be programmed) get a job, make a living and then DIE ! ! ! Listen to David, Neville Goddard , read books on the power of the subconscious .. Learn about the laws of the universe and how do things really work.. educate yourself on the subject that matters the most and that is YOUR OWN POWER and in no time you won't be a slave to the system anymore !

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