Monday, April 23, 2018

Massive Satanist Offensive Runs Out of Steam & Counterattack Begins - Benjamin Fulford April 23 2018

Nothing is over until the eternal culprits that always antagonize for, start, and fan the flames of WAR are taken down once and for all- And that be The jew supremacist Warmongers, The jew supremacist controlled Central Bankers, And the jew supremacist Media of all types, And The jew supremacist controlled Academia. When that is done then all the world can finally put down the eternal divisions that the jew supremacists have perpetually foisted upon us. Start with removing all Dual Citizen israelis from our Federal, State & Local Governments-Now Prosecute using the FARA Act & Shut Down all Foreign Agent jew supremacist organizations on U.S. shores: Aipac, Aclu, Counsel on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Adl, Zoa, Splc, Jdl, Jwc, Naacp, and a thousand more. Shut Down the Federal Reserve & their Henchmen the IRS, & give our money creating function back to the U.S. Congress which the Constitution stipulates.

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