Friday, April 27, 2018

Gerald Celente - "Crash Coming? Is the End Near? Here's the Trend!" - (4/25/18)

Imagine if Assad, deliberately poisoned his nation's food supply, for long term population and mind control. Imagine if he filled each item of food with corn syrups and scientifically modified starches, that shut down the human body and mind. Imagine if Assad, got every Syrian civilian to give him their "money", so he can then magically multiply and loan out to other nations, charging interest. Imagine if Assad met with his secret banking friends (who write law), on an island, to plot up a new currency, and snuck it through congress 2 nights before Christmas. Imagine if Assad, started a General Education Foundation, where he infiltrated all school systems to teach only his versions of history. Imagine if Assad created Cancer, and then held Cancer telethons with famous celebrities. Imagine if he bought out the National Football League, placing members of his regime into the top positions of power, turning every Sunday into a Military propaganda show, with a couple snaps of a football... Imagine if Assad, met with friends in the woods of Monte Rio California, wearing robes, practicing Luciferian demonic rituals, which was caught on video ask yourself, would the US/Saudi gov bomb him then?? or would he receive the Nobel prize from the Carnegie Endowment of International Peace.

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