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Where do Emotions come from? You create them

Emotions are an attempt by the libmic system to influence behaviour at a conscious level. Our higher functions, when inhibited by alcohol for instance, lose their ability to control these emotional influences, thereby causing a higher likelihood of emotional expression (violence, sexual arousal, etc). We do not control or construct emotions consciously. We can only allow or disallow emotions from becoming behaviours. This is why higher functions of the mind are called "executive". Ultimately, they make the decisions, but only as binary. They may say Yes or No to an emotional proposal, but our conscious selves do not make free decisions. That is to say, we cannot consciously control what stimulates us, what we find sexually arousing, what makes us sad or angry, or what we believe or disbelieve — but most of us can control the time and place for when these influences surface as observable behaviours. We can't control whether we want to punch our boss in the face, but we can control whether or not we will actually do it. It takes a great deal of time and practice to affect the ways we fundamentally think, perceive the world, and therefore act in the physical. It is why we cannot wake up tomorrow and 'choose' to act, think, or feel differently than we do today. Our conscious selves are not in control of who we fundamentally are, and this is why I have forever been against the concept of freewill. We are eternally bound to the construction of our unconsciousness that has been built over decades of experiences with our environment. If change is possible, it requires far more energy of the human mind and spirit than sheer conscious will.

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