Vaccines, Geoengineering and Mind Control

Reality is factual, yet there's a remarkable difference between the images of the world as they appear in our minds and the world as it truly is. People is bombarded all day long with information, but do they actually know how to take the best of it? Emotional responses are triggered and, for what purpose? As a consequence, a pervasive state of uneasiness lurks everywhere. We better ask ourselves, is it contributing in any way to the wellness and betterment of our lives and that of our friends and families? Unfortunately - we feel - that's not the case, as we see how it inevitably translates into a mere nonsensical state of things, absurd and chaotic, where people's perception of things and their consequent responses become more and more harmful, counterproductive and, worse of all, self-destructive. I think, at the end, it definitely is up to each one of us to decide. Nobody else is to be held responsible for what happens in our life. Our decisions and determination in pursuing a better life make the difference.

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