TRUMP IN DAVOS 2018 - Epic Meeting With Europes Biggest Business Leaders

 TRUMP IN DAVOS 2018 - Epic Meeting With Europes Biggest Business Leaders Donald Trump has arrived back at the World Economic Forum. As yesterday, scores of curious delegates gathered on the balcony as the Trump team emerged from a secure entrance, and headed up the main staircase. Year on year, the UK economy grew by 1.5%, compared to expectations of a figure of 1.4% and an annualised third quarter figure of 1.7%. This was still the slowest growth since the first quarter of the 2013, however. The Office for National Statistics said the underlying picture was of slower and uneven growth across the UK economy. The boost to growth in the fourth quarter came from services and manufacturing, but consumer related sectors showed much slower growth. Trump: Why can't we grow as fast as India? Last night, Trump met with the bosses of some of Europe’s biggest firms - including HSBC, SAP, Bayer and Nestle. The group devoured salads, grilled beef tenderloin and fried Swiss pikeperch washed down with wine and water. Davos 2018 Switzerland business company "united states" meeting siemens tax u.s. "next gen" "next generation" corporation employment Nestle operation "made in USA" future job jobs investment investing 2019 success leader leadership relationship economy economic CEO "small business" Nokia World Chicago "west coast" "east coast" 5G factory quality "locally made" production billionaire usd dollar "blue chip company" brands According to those in attendance, the group discussed Kanye West’s role in designing Adidas shoes, Volvo’s US-based Mack Trucks division, and NestlĂ©’s non-chocolate business portfolio. A certain amount of false modesty may have been on display. At one stage, Trump remarked: “When he says he works for Siemens, he’s the president of Siemens!...Wow, that’s big!....Good luck with the G.E. purchase.” Trump also made some surprising comments about the US economy - suggesting it could be matching India’s growth rate (of around 9%). “How can it be that the US is too big to grow at the same pace?” he pondered. that Apple's recent investment announcement helped inspire his appearance at the World Economic Forum this week in Davos, Switzerland. In an interview that aired on "Power Lunch," Trump said that he was "honored" by an investment announcement by Apple CEO Tim Cook. "You remember my campaign: I said I won't consider this great until Apple starts coming in and really investing big money, doing the plants," Trump said. "They're gonna do a lot." Earlier this month, Apple said it planned to contribute $350 billion to the U.S. economy over the next five years, by: Continuing its yearly payments of $55 billion to American companies, investing $30 billion in capital expenditures, paying $38 billion in taxes, pouring $5 billion into manufacturing, building a new tech-support campus and adding 20,000 jobs. At that time, Trump said he called Cook and thanked him for the announcement (which did not explicitly mention a new plant.)

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