Gerald Celente - Crypto Limbo. Will Soros Support Peace?

This was a very useful treatment of Bitcoin vs crypto vs blockchain. It does however, gloss over several issues: 1) Problems with Bitcoin - Slow, costly to use, costly to process etc. 2) The fact that Fiat are supported by the barrel of a gun through the monopoly on violence. 3) The fact that all crypto requires a functioning internet, and the internet is largely controlled by centralized players Personally I feel 2) is the catcher. Why do we use currency today. A: to pay tax. If you look at the history of fiat it is largely deployed for the purpose of paying tax. This need to pay tax is not going away based on blockchain. We need to use distributed peer to peer tech to reduce our dependency on gov and slowly erode the power structure. Until that is done, you will not be allowed to pay tax with bitcoin and will need to default to the Cartel coin of choice.

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