#QAnon Providing a Vatic Review, Is It Any Wonder HRC Is Quaking in Her Boots?

The Clintons are one of the most corrupt families in the United States and they are working with the British Crown, German noble families, and the Vatican. Hillary Clinton is the head of the Clinton crime family and she is ruthless and murderous. She runs the Democratic party like a mafia boss. Hillary Clinton not only supports abortion but promotes it. Both Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton were educated at Yale University which is a college established by the British Crown. Bill Clinton was also Jesuit educated from Georgetown University. Hillary Rodham Clinton has English and Scottish ancestry. The Rodham family take their name from Rodheim Germany a small town in Hesse under the authority of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mainz and later under the authority of the Eppstein noble family. Jeffrey Epstein is a wealthy financier and pedophile that was convicted of soliciting an underage girl for prostitution. Jeffrey Epstein is friends with Bill Clinton who he flew to Africa in his private jet. It has been reported that Bill Clinton has flown on Jeffrey Epstein's jet numerous times. Bill Clinton also has been exposed for being a sexual predator by various women. There are a multitude of suspicious deaths involving the Clinton family and many of them were about covering up Bill Clintons affairs and rapes. It is believed the Clinton Foundation raised and misappropriated funds for disaster relief in Haiti after the Earthquake in 2010 which also affected the Dominican Republic. Frank Giustra is a board member for the Clinton Foundation and part owner of Wheaton River Minerals which absorbed into Goldcorp. Goldcorp purchased 40% of the Pueblo Viejo mine located in the Dominican Republic near the Haitian border in 2012. It is likely the Clinton Foundation used Haiti relief funds as pay offs to get the contracts for the gold mines. Chelsea Clinton is on the board of directors for InterActiveCorp which is a internet media company with the billionaire Barry Diller as the Chairman. Barry Diller was married to Princess Diane von Furstenberg and her son Prince Alexander von Furstenberg is also on the board of directors of IAC with Chelsea Clinton. The Furstenberg family are a Roman Catholic German nobility closely connected with the Vatican. Barry Diller is worth over 3 billion and co-founded Fox Broadcasting. The Clintons have many suspicious and untimely deaths surrounding them and some estimate they have ordered the assassination of dozens. Some suspicious deaths are of James McDougal, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, and Kathy Ferguson as well as many more. The Clinton's have connections to the Vatican through Bill Clinton's education at Georgetown and also ties to Chicago where Hillary Clinton was originally from. I believe that many of the hits the Clinton family ordered were carried out by the Chicago Outfit. Al Capone was like a co-founder of the Chicago Outfit and a relative of the Florentine House of Capponi which is headed up by Count Neri Capponi today. The Colonna family of Rome and Alban Hills are the primary owners of the Chicago Outfit. Barack Obama taught at the University of Chicago to make connections with Chicago Outfit. On top of their body list Bill Clinton authorized the US involvement in NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia which killed at least hundreds of civilians and displaced many more as an attempt to assist the Albanian mafia in taking over there. The clans from Alban Hills in Rome founded and manage Albania. The Clinton crime family are a highly destructive force on America and the world.

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