Saturday, January 27, 2018

An Important Message to Liberals

An Important Message to Liberals #1 The self servingly fabricated delusion of you being good while everyone else is evil , is not only completely false, but is an ideological threat ultimatum so old that anyone calling themselves 'progressive' and employing it, is a self oblivious dolt. #2 You people are composed of high impulse & feelings, and low self control & low higher reasoning. EVERY HUMAN ON THE PLANET IS BORN WITH FEELINGS, ITS NOTHING APPLAUD WORTHY. Its a default human ingredient ffs. ...and is VERY MUCH part of the raw instinct portion of humans. Feelings & impulse are The Hound Reasoning & self discipline are The Master Too little Master, and your life will be ruled by The Hound Which makes you a constant lynch mob ("YOU ARE GUILTY BECAUSE WE FEEL YOU ARE!") waiting to happen #3 "Facts dont care about your feelings"

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